CAREER Credit Independent Internships (CA 251)


CAREER Independent Internships provide students with work experience in for-profit & non-profit environments that complement their classroom preparation. This 10 to 12 week learning experience is mutually beneficial to both student and employer due to the invaluable contributions that students will make to the organizations served. These internships are coordinated by the Offices of Professional Discernment and Community.

CAREER Internships are a valuable part of the Trek academic experience because it gives students an opportunity to:

  • Apply classroom knowledge and skills
  • Gain valuable work experience related to the student's academic program
  • Identify alternative career opportunities
  • Grow professionally
  • Network with professionals
  • Make a positive impact on the community
  • Learn about community and how a single individual can make a difference

CAREER Credit Guided Research (CA 251)


Most guided research at Centenary occurs under the supervision of a professor, providing excellent preparation for graduate or professional study. Students engaged in advanced research are normally highly motivated and have a firm grasp on their personal and professional goals. To thus earn CAREER credit, students will work with their faculty to submit the CAREER Internship/Research Proposal Form to the Trek Committee:

  • A thorough project description signed by the mentoring faculty member, written concretely and clearly enough so that faculty colleagues in other disciplines can read and evaluate it. Discuss the background of the project: why it is significant and if it will lead to publication or, in the case of creative activities, performance. Also discuss how the research will prepare the student for graduate school or other professional endeavors.

  • A one-page statement from the student outlining why he/she wants to work with the faculty member on this project.

  • The updated curriculum vitae for the student.

  • A description of how the student will reflect on the experienceóby writing a paper, journal, or portfolio, or by participating in discussion groups organized by Professional Discernment.


Undergraduate students are eligible for an internship/research project if they meet the following requirements:

  • Are at least sophomores (26 or more hours)
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Have completed at least one semester at Centenary

CAREER Independent Internship/Guided Research Forms: