United Houma Nation

Tribal Historian and Vice Principal Chief of the United Houma Nation, Michael Raymond Dardar Sr. spoke on "Native Peoples: Perspectives on Culture and Political Sovereignty," and gave talks for several different classes on Centenary's campus on November 11-12.

Michael Raymond Dardar Sr. “T. Mayheart” was born in the Houma Indian settlement adjacent to the town of Golden Meadow, Louisiana. He is the son of Elsie and Raymond Mayheart Dardar. Michael spent his childhood and adolescent years trawling and trapping with his father. He eventually graduated high school with a love of history and reading. Later Michael worked as a crane operator, diesel mechanic, and tankerman.

Michael has been a member of the United Houma Nation Tribal Council since 1994. He was inspired to Houma community service by the examples of his grand father Jean Dardar and his aunt, former Tribal Chairperson Helen Gindrat. Michael currently serves as Vice-Principal Chief and appointed Tribal Historian. Through public talks and writings, Michael continues to be an outspoken advocate of Houma culture and political sovereignty.