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  1. What is your affiliation with the College?

    Community Member/Visitor

  2. Have you ever received service from the Centenary College Police Department?
    Yes No Not Applicable

  3. What was the nature of the most recent service/contact with Centenary DPS?

    Victim of a crime
    Traffic Accident
    Parking/Traffic Citation
    Disciplinary Referral
    Entry/Exit Request
    Medical Incident

    Crime Prevention /Education Programs
    Welfare Concern
    Motorist Assist
    Other Incident

    If "Other Incident," please specify:

  4. What is the name of the officer or staff involved and the date of the incident? (Optional)

  5. Was your service provided within a reasonable amount of time?
    Yes No Not Applicable

  6. Was the person who provided the service helpful and thorough?
    Yes No Not Applicable

  7. Were all your questions answered to your satisfaction?
    Yes No Not Applicable

  8. Was the service you received performed to your satisfaction?
    Yes No Not Applicable

  9. Do you feel that you were treated courteously and with respect by the person assisting you?
    Yes No Not Applicable

    If you answered "no", what could we have done differently?

  10. Please rate the overall quality of service you received Centenary Police Department:

    Very Good

  11. Have you ever used any of the following Crime Prevention Publications: (Please check all that apply):

    Alcohol and Drug Programs ( Beer Goggles, DWI Simulator)
    Centenary Police Department on Facebook
    Campus Safety Information Brochure
    Flyers/Crime Alerts
    Never used any crime prevention publications

  12. Have you ever attended a safety presentation?
    Yes No Not Applicable

  13. Have you ever used any of the following Campus Safety Services: (Please check all that apply)

    Operation ID
    RAD — Rape Aggression Defense
    Campus Watch Program
    Emergency Call Boxes
    Check Your Ride
    Never used any campus safety services

  14. Have you found the Department of Public Safety website useful?
    Yes No

  15. Additional comments:

    Contact Information (optional):

    Email address

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