Emergency Procedures

Fire Incident

If you hear an alarm sound:

  • Evacuate the building immediately.
  • If smoke is present, keep low to the floor.
  • DO NOT use elevators!
  • DO NOT RE­ENTER the building until told to do so by The Department of Public Safety or Fire Department personnel.

If flames are observed:

  • Sound the alarm by pulling the closest fire alarm station.
  • Immediately evacuate the building.
  • Go to the nearest phone and call The Department of Public Safety, 5000.

If you smell smoke or have any other indication of fire:

  • Immediately call The Department of Public Safety, 5000.
  • Describe what you have observed. Give your name and location.
  • Alert other building occupants to prepare for possible evacuation.

Report all fires, no matter how small, to the Department of Public Safety, 5000.

  • Give you name and describe the location of the fire. Some building fire alarms ring only in the building, and are not monitored by an alarm company.
  • Know the location of fire alarms and fire extinguishers in your area and know how to use them. Manual Fire Systems: Manual alarms are activated by pulling a red fire alarm “pull station.” There is a pull station located near all major exits in a building with an alarm system.
  • Continue to assist the victim until help arrives.

Not all Centenary buildings have an alarm system.

Automated Fire Systems: Automated alarms are activated when a sensor detects heat or smoke. A building with an automated fire system will of ten have pull stations as well. If you see a fire and the alarm has not activated, pull the nearest station as you leave the building.

No Fire Systems: Some campus buildings have no fire alarm systems. If you see or smell something burning, exit the building immediately.