Encircle Fall 2013

A Word from the Editor

Creativity and Curiosity.

Centenary College is developing leaders for a changing world. Our mission transforms students into graduates who engage global challenges and reach their full potential.

Our graduates have always been leaders in the world - problem-solvers. Two important attributes of problem-solvers are creativity and curiosity. Artists apply creativity, approaching the world with a unique perspective to create works that intrigue and inspire. Scientists employ curiosity, asking new and different questions to formulate innovative solutions.

Every edition of Encircle features stories of challenges and those who rise to meet them. This fall, the discussion turns to several important issues: glacier ice melt, energy and pipelines, generational shifts in religion, and higher education in the third world. These are big issues with no easy answers and many points of view. The common thread in each story is the Centenary leaders and others who are stepping up to the challenge.

We hope these stories inspire you.

Matt Bailey
Senior Director of External Relations

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