Encircle Spring 2014

A Word from the Editor

Do more.

In recent conversations with Centenary students, faculty, and staff members, some common themes emerged. Everyone agreed that Centenary offers plenty of personal attention, has great professors, and is academically challenging. many said that the College has a very warm, family- like environment. It just feels good.

But one simple theme was woven throughout these discussions and struck me more than any other: do more.

The prospective students applying for admission to Centenary tend to be those who do more during high school – service organizations, sports, honor societies, music, arts, church, and the like. There’s no doubt that our students do more during their college years. There are countless opportunities to learn, live, and lead on campus, and our students take full advantage.

Likewise, Encircle tells stories of Centenary graduates who do more in their careers, their communities, and the world. Centenary develops leaders for a changing world – the kind of leaders who just naturally do more – and our world is better for it.

Matt Bailey
Acting Dean of Enrollment and Communication

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