A Final Word from the President

Centenary encircles the world with wise, caring, and moral leaders developed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We even have a dedicated office for Global Engagement! We encourage students to study abroad, earn Passport Points to offset travel costs, and participate in one of our many international or domestic May Modules. This fall, we are sending our incoming first-year students to Paris for over a week of immersive study and intercultural exploration. During their time at Centenary, our students are able to see first-hand that the world expands well beyond their front yard and that a great deal of education takes place outside the classroom.

International travel experiences prepare our graduates to enter the world as globally engaged citizens—and leaders. But what defines a globally engaged citizen? Global citizens respect other cultures, viewpoints, and religions. They understand that there can be friendship and cooperation without agreement. They see the rapidly changing world for what it is and wholeheartedly embrace the world’s interconnected cultures. Global leaders dive headlong into complex problems and engage complicated issues with passion and perseverance.

This issue of Encircle features global citizens and leaders who approach problems with curiosity and creativity. Some are working to make sure that people’s most basic needs are met: adequate food and clean drinking water. Some are working to preserve and reinvigorate our history and connections through the French language and culture. Some are contributing to their communities and leading their industries by strengthening family-owned businesses.

Centenary is developing leaders for a changing world—leaders who are sorely needed across our world to engage the complex shared challenges that we face. I hope that these leaders inspire you to reflect and act upon the challenges that you see in the world.

Take Care,

B. David Rowe, Ph.D.

David Rowe is the 30th President of Centenary College of Louisiana.

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