Student Media

The Conglomerate

Weekly Campus Newspaper

English majors are encouraged to write for Centenary's weekly newspaper, which offers avenues to learn newspaper production and gain substantial practice in journalistic writing.

Film Society

Monthly meetings and discussions featuring new films from all over the world offer opportunities for students to broaden their cultural perspectives.

KSCL 93.1 FM

Student Radio

English majors can expand their broadcast communication experience on Centenary's own student radio station. They can also serve as news editor or find other writing opportunities like producing announcements or themed radio shows.


Fine Arts Magazine

Centenary's Fine Arts publication features literary, musical, and visual art pieces from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. English students often submit work and serve as Pandora staff who annually review and vote on works featured in this highly regarded publication.



English majors can reach outside the departmental offerings and use skills such as photography and other forms of visual creativity with Yoncopin, the college yearbook.