Enrollment Services Staff at Centenary College

The professional staff of the Enrollment Services is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and engaged student body at Centenary College of Louisiana.

Enrollment and Marketing

Lower Rotary Hall

phone 318-869-5042

Calhoun Allen • 318-869-5120
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
B.A., University of Mississippi. M.B.A., University of Mississippi.

Admission Office

first floor of Peters Building

phone 318-869-5131
fax 318-869-5005
toll free 1-800-234-4448

Lauren Carlton • 318-869-5748
Associate Director of Admission - Recruitment
B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2012.

Ashley Brown • 318-869-5741
Associate Director of Admission - Operations
B.A., Louisiana Tech University, 2011.

Lenard Adams • 318-841-7263
Admission Counselor
B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2014.

Max Beilke • 318-869-5499
Admission Counselor
B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2016.

Katie Chopin
Recruitment & Event Coordinator
B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2016.

Janet Ingram • 318-869-5045
Office Manager for Admission

Michael Pullano
Admission Counselor
B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2016.

Susan SanAngelo • 318-869-5131
Data Specialist I

Kellie Slater • 318-869-5044
Admission Counselor
B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2016.

Financial Aid Department

first floor of Hamilton Hall

phone 318-869-5137
fax 318-841-7266

Lynette Viskozki • 318-869-5137
Director of Financial Aid
B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana , 1985.

Barbara Tillman • 318-869-5137
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
M.B.A., Millsaps College, 2006. B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2005.

Keeley Pratt • 318-869-5137
Financial Aid Assistant
B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2001.

Marketing & Communication

Sam Peters Building, Second Floor

phone 318-841-7261

Timothy Kershner • 318-869-5701
Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communication
B.A., Elizabethtown College. M.B.A., Saint Joseph's University.

Kate Pedrotty • 318-869-5715
Director of Strategic Communication
B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, 2000. M.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010.

Jeremy Johnson • 318-869-5709
Director of Digital Media
B.A., Louisiana State University in Shreveport, 2002.

Sherry Heflin • 318-841-7261
Visual Identity and Publications Manager
A.B., Bossier Parish Community College.

Matthew Lofton • 318-869-5092
Athletic Writer & Sports Information Coordinator
B.A., Heidelberg University, 2006. M.A., Kent State University, 2009.

Candace Metoyer • 318-869-5746
Digital Communication Specialist
B.A.E., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2014.

Patty Roberts • 318-869-5747
Development Writer
B.A., Centenary College, 1982.

Office of Professional Success

Hamilton Hall, 119

phone 318-869-5208

Rachael Peters • 318-869-5360
Director of Professional Success
B.A., Texas Woman's University, 2007. M.S., Amberton University, 2010.


first floor of Hamilton Hall

phone 318-869-5146
fax 318-841-7266

Nicole Shelby • 318-869-5146
Director of Re-Enrollment
B.S., Louisiana State University - Shreveport, 1994. M.S., Louisiana State University - Shreveport, 2004.

Deborah Scarlato • 318-869-5146
Associate Director of Re-Enrollment
B.M.E., Centenary College of Louisiana, 1978. M.A., Northwestern State University, 2015.

Cordara Newson • 318-841-7330
Re-Enrollment Counselor
B.A., Southern Arkansas University, 2010.