2014-15 Costs Continuing & Transfer Students

Tuition (12-18 hours/sem*) $32,000
James/Hardin/Sexton (double) $5,350
James/Hardin/Sexton (single) $8,026
Cline (double) $5,050
Cline (single) $7,576
Rotary (double) $6,350
Rotary (single) $9,526
17/Week Meal Plan ($100 Cent Bucks) $4,880
15/Week Meal Plan ($125 Cent Bucks) $4,880
12/Week Meal Plan ($150 Cent Bucks) $4,880
7/Week Meal Plan (Jr/Sr only-$150 Cent Bucks) $3,720
50/semester (commuters only-$50 Cent Bucks) $1,200

Miscellaneous Fees

Parking Permit
Resident $40
Commuter $20
Enrollment Changes (per change) $25
Late Financial Clearance Fee (beginning 8/27) $135
Late Financial Clearance Fee (beginning 9/1) $300

(*Hours taken above or below the 12-18 credit hour range during a fall or spring term will be charged $1,330/hr. This includes any courses taken during an immersion term.)

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More information about housing is available through Residence Life.

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