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Financial Clearance & Payment Plans

Payment of semester charges or arranging to pay them is a part of the registration process. The final step in the registration process is Financial Clearance. Financial Clearance is the payment of fees/charges along with completing and signing the “Financial Agreement” form. All students must complete a “Financial Agreement” form each semester. Students who have a zero or credit balance because their charges are covered by financial aid, fee waiver, or other credits/payments are still required to complete the “Financial Agreement” form (Form A). Failure to complete the Financial Clearance process will result in $150 to $450 late fee. Enrollment has not been completed until the student has completed “Financial Clearance” with the Business Office. Centenary offers several payment options to help you manage the costs of your education.

On-line payments are now available.

An overview of the programs as well as their associated forms are available for printing:

Financial Clearance(Form A only)

Form A must be submitted each semester prior to being admitted to class.

Semester Billing (Form A only)

Charges for the entire semester are paid at the beginning of each semester.

10-Month Payment Plan (Form A & B)

Charges for tuition, room and board less scholarships, grants and loans are divided into ten equal payments. These are due on the 15th of each month, beginning in July and ending in April. There is a one-time, nonrefundable charge of $50 for this plan payable with the first payment.

You must be current on payment schedule to continue on to the next semester.

Semester Installment Plan (Form A & C)

This plan allows you to pay one-half of the semester bill at the beginning of the semester and the remaining balance in three installments. There is a $50 fee for this service each semester.

If interested in this plan, call Monica Powell at 318 869-5016 or 318 869-5125.

Centenary College accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
On-line payments are now available.