Artistic Merit Awards

Scholarships are offered in music, theatre, art, and choir. To be considered for such scholarships, students must contact the appropriate offices listed below.

Hurley School of Music

Audition required. The School offers awards for majors as well as smaller awards for non-music majors who participate in one of our ensembles. Information about auditions is available directly from the Hurley School of Music.

Centenary College Choir

Audition required. It is not necessary to be a music major to be a member of the Centenary College Choir. Please contact David Hobson at 318.869.5200 to schedule an audition.


Please contact the appropriate person to schedule an audition or to present a portfolio.

Theatre Mr. Don Hooper email 318.869.5076
Art Mr. Bruce Allen email 318.869.5260
Communications Dr. Michelle Glaros email 318.869.5264