Transfer Scholarship and Award Information for Fall 2014

Academic Awards
Centenary recognizes students who have maintained solid performance throughout their college career. Academic Awards are based on cumulative college GPA and number of hours attempted. You must apply by the priority deadline (April 1 for fall, December 1 for spring) in order to be guaranteed the following awards. If you apply late, consideration will be based on funds available.

Academic Awards are designated as follows:

Academic Scholarships

Transfer I - $12,000-10,000

Transfer II - $9,000-7,000

Transfer III - $6,000-4,000

Challenge Awards
We know that your GPA does not define you. Centenary is a community, and as part of shaping that community, we value students who challenge themselves and others. These challenge awards may be stacked onto the base academic award.

$2,000 Successful Completion of Associates Degree from an Accredited Institution

$2,000 Phi Theta Kappa

$1,000 Official Campus Visit or Interview

$1,000 Significant Cultural, Community or Career Experience and Leadership

Transfer Award
Student who fall outside of the GPA and hour of the Academic Awards may be eligible for up to $5,000/year. Academic performance, testing, extracurricular activities, and essay will all be used to evaluate the award.

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