Transformation Grants

Transformation Grants will be available in Fall 2015 for currently-enrolled Centenary undergraduate students, who are already receiving the Transformation Grant, subject to the following guidelines:

  • To be eligible, students must complete the Transformation Grant certification prior to each semester.

  • Students who are pre-registered for 12 or more semester hours will be eligible for up to $625/semester*.

  • Students who are pre-registered for 12 or more semester hours AND have a housing assignment will be eligible for up to $1,250/semester*.

  • Upon submitting the grant application, students will agree to provide feedback to help the College plan to support students through graduation and beyond.


You should use our online form to complete your certification. This form should be completed each semester after you have pre-registered for the following semester.

And don't forget to handle your business!

From the President

"I know you have a great deal of confidence and pride in your Centenary experience. You also have a stake in ensuring that Centenary continues to be the extraordinary liberal arts educational experience it has been since 1825. You have been and will continue to be vital catalysts for our renewal and reinvigoration. We need you now, more than ever, to engage fully in this next chapter of Centenary’s exciting transformation. That is why we are offering these grants exclusively to continuing students. Further, please remember that we are committed to working with you and your parents to explore a wide range of assistance and financing options."

- B. David Rowe, President


* The combination of federal, state and institutional assistance (including Transformation Grants, excluding loan and work study assistance) cannot exceed the total cost of tuition. Students are ineligible for additional assistance if currently receiving, for example, the Nancy Christian Scholarship, Louisiana Live Your Dream award, the Mary C. White Scholarship, or tuition remission/exchange.

Full-time status and residential status will be finally assessed by the day of record at the start of each semester.

Transformation Grants are renewable upon application to full-time students on a semester-by-semester basis through a student's 8th semester of undergraduate enrollment or through graduation, whichever comes first.