Centenary's Forum

Immaturity and dependence are the inability to use one's own intellect without the direction of another. One is responsible for this immaturity and dependence, if its cause is not a lack of intelligence, but a lack of determination and courage to think without the direction of another. Sapere aude! Dare to know! is therefore the slogan of the Enlightenment.

—Immanuel Kant, "What is Enlightenment?"

Welcome to the Forum. We choose a topic, and invite experts, but in the end, students and citizens have the last word.

Theme: Virtue and Value in a Godless Universe

Is it possible to believe in virtue and value but not believe in God? Can one logically be an atheist, believe that life has meaning, and believe that we have moral obligations? This year, Centenary's Forum will discuss the issue of virtue, value, and atheism. We've invited philosopher Erik Wielenberg who argues that atheism can be consistent with a belief in ethical obligations and that life has meaning, but he won't have the final word. Our second event features students and citizens responding to Wielenberg's argument. The Philosophy Discussion Gorup invites you to attend both events and join our discussion. Is belief in God necessary to be good?

Part I: Dr. Erik Wielenberg

February 25th, 7p

Kilpatrick Auditorium

Dr. Erik Wielenberg is an associate professor of philosophy at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN.

Part II: Students and Citizens

March 3rd, 7pm

Kilpatrick Auditoriumn

Dr. Wielenberg will start our discussion and a group of students and members of the Shreveport Times's Citizen Editorial Board will continue it. Afterwards, the audience can ask questions and we will discuss.

Students Citizens
Jason Blilie, philosophy David Burroughs, environmental engineer
Travis Hill, religious studies Roy Fish, retired lawyer

Remember to check the Shreveport Times for columns from Dr. Wielenberg, our students and citizens prior to each meeting.

We'd like to thank the Convocations Subcommittee, the Shreveport Times, and Centenary's Office of Public Relations for all their support.