Centenary's Forum

Welcome to the Forum. We choose a topic, and invite experts, but in the end, students and citizens have the last word.

Theme: Consumer Responsibility

Consuming Choices

This year's Forum addresses the responsibility consumers have for the products they buy. Are consumers responsible for all of the policies and activities of a company when they buy their product? How far does that responsibility extend?

Part I: Dr. David Schwartz

Monday, March 11th, 7pm

Whited Room, Bynum Commons

Consuming Choices

Dr. David Schwartz is a professor of philosophy at Randolph College.

Part II: Students and Citizens

Monday, March 18th, 7pm

Whited Room, Bynum Commons

A group of students and citizens will continue the discussion that Dr. Schwartz started the previous week. Afterwards, the audience can ask questions and we will discuss.

Students Citizens
Greg Ewing, Junior, Philosophy and Business Jeff Everson, City Councilman, District B
Karley Aiken, Senior, Communication TBD

Remember to check the Shreveport Times for columns from Dr. Schwartz, our students and citizens prior to each meeting.

We'd like to thank the Convocations Subcommittee, the Shreveport Times, and Centenary's Department of Marketing & Communication for all their support.