Centenary's Forum

Welcome to the Forum. We choose a topic, and invite experts, but in the end, students and citizens have the last word.

Theme: Science and Religion in the Public Schools

This year's Forum addresses the question of religion and science in public education. Should all students be required to learn scientific findings even when they conflict with their religious beliefs? What should public schools in a pluralistic society teach? How should they address controversies?

Thanks to the Biology Department and the Secular Student Association for help with this year's Forum.

Part I: Zack Kopplin

Wednesday, January 29th, 7pm

Whited Room, Bynum Commons

Zack Kopplin

Zack Kopplin is a native of Baton Rouge, a sophomore at Rice University, and founder of Repeal Creationism. Zack has been interviewed by the Washington Post, The Huffington Post, the New York Times, Bill Moyers, NPR, Slate, and MSNBC. He has even given his own TED Talk.

On Thursday, Jan. 30, at 11:10, in the Whited Room, Zack will talk about "How I Got Involved in the Politics of Science Education." If you're interested in science, education, or just changing the world, it will be an excellent chance to learn about how it can be done. Don't miss it!

Part II: Students and Citizens

Monday, February 3rd, 7pm

Whited Room, Bynum Commons

A group of students and citizens will continue the discussion that Zack Kopplin started the previous week. Afterwards, the audience can ask questions and we will discuss.

Students Citizens
Amanda Price, Senior, Biology Major and Religious Studies Minor Helaine Braunig, Educator at B'nai Zion Congregation
Matt Cravens, Senior, Biology and History Major Dominic Salinas, Director Department of Education Centenary College

Remember to check the Shreveport Times for columns from Zack Kopplin, our students and citizens prior to each meeting.

We'd like to thank the Convocations Subcommittee, the Shreveport Times, and Centenary's Department of Marketing & Communication for all their support.