Kudos for the CFOB

Membership in the Center for Family-Owned Business program has a keen impact upon the lives and work of families. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Our family has found the Center for Family-Owned Business program at Centenary’s Frost School of Business to be a wonderful thought starter and we have benefited tremendously from our participation in the sessions. Plus, we have fun mingling with other local families who share similar situations.
Through a variety of thoughtful presentations, knowledgeable speakers and a community of committed family businesses, the Center for Family-Owned Business at Centenary’s Frost School of Business has proven to be a solutions oriented thought center for organizations that face similar goals as well as obstacles. Our company has benefitted from the open dialog format that is available both with the consultants as well as with each other. It’s important and encouraging to be aware of the resources available to assist our efforts in seeing a successful transition to the next generation..
The Principals of Atco Investment Company have found the Centenary Family-Owned Business Center to be both enjoyable and informative. We have enjoyed discussing issues common to all family businesses with other like-minded family business professionals in our region; we have discovered that many of the challenges that we once thought were unique to our family business are shared by other family businesses around the globe. The excellent lecturers provided by the Center provide us with global insights that can be applied right here in North Louisiana. The lessons that we have learned through the Centenary Family-Owned Business Center have forced us to take a step back and reflect on how our company is structured, how we communicate with one another, how we operate today, and how we plan for tomorrow. The Family-Owned Business Center has been an excellent investment of our time and our resources.
Every variation of a family-owned business shares both common struggles and common successes. Centenary College's Center for Family-Owned Business profiles an amazing program and staff that benefits enrolled members of the program.