Frost School of Business

Overview of Frost's Undergraduate Program

At the undergraduate level, The School of Business offers two major degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    with a choice of concentrations: Accounting, Finance, or Management.

    Optionally, if you are interested in a career in international business we recommend that you major in business and participate in the Frost School's "Business and Foreign Language" Coordinate Program offered in conjunction with the Department of Ancient and Foreign Languages.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics

The Frost School also offers a Minor in Business Administration as well as a Minor in Economics.

Academic Experience

You’ll enjoy getting to know and work with the faculty from the Frost School of Business. They are all exceptional teachers and learned scholars who have YOU as their highest priority. They write and speak about the current issues that businesses currently face and of the practices that you need to know. While the names of our courses may be the same as those in other college catalogs, how our faculty teaches is quite different than what goes on in the classrooms of other business schools.

You'll learn in an engaging environment that fosters critical thinking, exceptional communication skills, creativity, open minds, and integrity.

Discussions that take place in our classes often spill into a professor's office, continue over pie at Strawns Eat Shop or dinner at a professor's home. Our professors are not just enthusiastic about teaching. They genuinely care about you and your future.

Our Internship program helps you gain "hands-on" experience and a taste of the "real world". Frost School of Business students intern at Fortune 500 companies, CPA firms, investment firms, not-for-profits and the many business in our surrounding community. Many of these internships have led to full-time positions upon graduation and most Centenary business students consider their internship as the highlight of their educational experience.

After you've taken your classes focused on finance, you'll want to participate in the Frost School's Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) program. Real dollars ($100,000+) are managed by five teams of students responsible for large-cap funds, mid- to small-cap funds, international funds, fixed income funds, and alternative investments.

You'll also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty, through our program of student and faculty collaborative research, or through focused study in an area that has peaked your interest.

Job and Graduate School Placement

The placement success of Frost School of Business majors––be it in a business, or in a JD, MBA, MPA, or Ph.D. program––is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our economics graduates have sought advanced study in the fields of law, public administration, international relations, financial analysis, economic forecasting and public finance.

Most of our students who have concentrated their coursework in the accounting area join CPA firms upon graduation. However, public accounting is not the only career open to these students. Some have gone on for an advanced degree, while others have joined private firms, government, or nonprofit organizations that employ accountants

Those students who have completed the Finance Concentration of the Business Administration Major have pursued graduate study or started their career with banking, corporate real estate, or investment firms.

Many Centenary business administration and management graduates have assumed leadership positions with both national and local corporations. Business majors also pursue careers in the fields of marketing, financial operations and a few begin their careers as budding entrepreneurs.