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B.S. in Business Administration

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Centenary provides students with a broad understanding of business and of the larger economic and social environment within which organizations operate. Concentrations within the Major provide students a focused course study in one of three areas: Accounting, Management, or Finance.

Building on the liberal arts foundation of a Centenary education, the Business Administration curriculum is designed to equip you with the breadth and flexibility of mind to relate the complex interrelationships of business with society as a whole. The Business Administration major prepares our students to enter an increasingly global environment and also provides exposure to social, human, cultural, political, and ethical issues as they relate to Business. Our ultimate goal is to provide majors with the business acumen, analytical ability, and broad perspectives that will prepare them for success in graduate programs, in their business careers, and in society.

Choice of Concentration:

Accounting Concentration

The Accounting Concentration provides students with with extensive exposure to analytical and theoretical principles underlying current accounting practice. The specialized knowledge of accounting together with a broad liberal arts and business background provides the knowledge necessary to work in any number of business areas or to pursue a career in public, private or governmental accounting. Students wishing to work in public accounting are required to have 150 hours of college credits to sit for the CPA Examination in most states. To earn these credits, students may bring in advanced placement credits, attend summer school, elect to overload or elect to attend graduate school upon graduation. Any member of the Business School faculty will be happy to discuss the different options.

Finance Concentration

At Centenary, students studying finance explore and analyze the global financial marketplace. Those student who choose to concentrate their coursework in Finance further hone their skills in financial analysis and develop a thorough grasp of the interrelationships between business, accounting, and economics. Those Business Majors who concentrate their coursework in Finance also run the Frost School’s Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). Real dollars ($100,000+) are invested by five student teams who manage large-cap, mid-cap, fixed income, international, and alternative investment funds.


Management involves the coordination of human, material, and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals. The management concentration provides students with the managerial, interpersonal, and organizational insights that are a crucial planning organizing, leading, and controlling this process. With a focus on management theory and behavior in organizations, students develop skills in such areas as leadership and teamwork, as well as learn to successfully plan, organize, direct, and control business activities in both the public and private sectors.

You may also elect not to choose a concentration. If you choose a broad course of study in business, you will fulfill degree requirements by completing any six upper-level (300+) courses from at least three areas: Accounting, Business, Economics, or Finance.

Foreign Language Coordinate Program :International Business and World Languages

This coordinate program with the Foreign Language Department is designed to prepare you for employment and life in an international setting. This focused study for Business Administration Majors combines the study of a foriegn language, international coursework from the Frost School and study abroad.

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