First-Year Experience

Centenary’s First Year Experience program provides a distinctive academic experience that introduces students to the liberal arts, those skills and habits of mind that allow one to approach complex problems from a variety of perspectives. The First Year Experience program is designed to highlight these diverse forms of inquiry and to cultivate the intellectual skills that enable successful participation in scholarly, professional, and public discourses.

The First Year Experience program integrates in class work with a series of guest speakers and cultural events that present diverse perspectives, model a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, offer material for exploration, and provide an opportunity to interact with people who have made important contributions to the public discussion of ideas.
In recognition of the thoroughly multidisciplinary nature of this program, the teaching faculty is drawn from across Centenary’s many academic departments.

Students are required to take FYE 101 in the fall semester of their first year and cannot drop the course.

FYE is designed to introduce students to:

  • the diverse modes of inquiry that characterize the liberal arts
  • multidisciplinary research processes
  • the basic research, analysis, writing and speaking skills essential to good scholarship and professional and public discourse

The course begins with an exploration of the varied approaches to investigation pursued within the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Students work to understand the different kinds of knowledge produced by each. Working with their burgeoning knowledge tools, students will then practice applying new skills by engaging in an extensive, multidisciplinary research project requiring them to:

  1. develop a research question;
  2. research, analyze, synthesize, and document information;
  3. construct and defend an answer to their research question; and
  4. disseminate their findings in both oral and written discourse.

Through this process, students should not only learn key research and communication skills, but they also come to recognize the value of analyzing a particular issue or topic using multiple processes of inquiry.