Office of Global Engagement

Culture Forms for Faculty

May Modules

In order to enrich Centenarys's curriculum, we offer a variety of intensive courses each May. These courses explore topics of general or specialized interest not normally offered in Centenary's semester and Summer courses. Click here for more information about May Modules.

Before You Travel

  • Register for HOTSPOT updates and get current information about what is going on around the world. Create a user and enter the EIIA policy number 352191.

Independent Module/Culture Proposal Form

Students requesting Module and Culture through an Indpependent Module but submit an Independent Module/Culture Proposal Form. Students must be advised by a faculty member in the area of proposed study to develop a proposal outlining their project. Once the proposal is completed and signed by the advising faculty memeber it must be submitted to the Office of Global Engagement. The project must be approved by the Trek Committee (for Culture credit) and/or by APC (for Module credit) BEFORE it can begin.

Safety and Liability Forms

The following forms are to be used by individuals involved with college-associated trips either inside or outside of the United States. All participants, including Faculty, Spouses, Alumni, students and other guests must complete the appropriate Waiver form and the Emergency Response Form.

Culture Assessment

In order to complete the requirements for Culture/Module credit students must submit a Culture Assessment at the conclusion of their program and submit to the Office of Global Engagement. Culture/Module credit will not be granted without the assessment.

International Exchange Forms

Below is the list of forms that students will need to review and complete in order to begin the Study Abroad process with one of Centenary's exchange partners.

Students can find forms at CU Student Forms