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Culture Credit Opportunities

This page highlights the many different options for students wishing to complete their CULTURE requirement. Through the CULTURE component Centenary students are able to gain insights about themselves through direct interaction with different cultures. Note: Students that petition to have their personal experience, family background, or cultural tradition (for example, full-time International Degree Seeking Students) count towards their CULTURE credit must complete the Trek CULTURE Program Assessment as part of their academic petition, which is obtained from the Office of Re-Enrollment.

As one of three parts of The Trek Experience, undergraduate students must complete this requirement in order to graduate from the college. Students must register to complete their CULTURE requirement through one of the following opportunities prior to graduation in order to receive credit. Click on an option to jump to a description of each.

1. International Exchange and Study Abroad Programs (CU 300)

2. Independent Culture Project or Modules (CU 351)

3. Advanced Language Study

4. May Module

Please feel free to contact the Office of Global Engagement for more information about these partnerships and how to choose the option that is best for you.

Independent Module Proposal Examples

Study Abroad and Exchange Opportunities (CU 300)

Centenary students are given the opportunity to study abroad through one of our 9 exchange partnerships around the globe. Students participating in a Centenary exchange program are enrolled both at Centenary and at the partner institution abroad, simplifying the admission, scholarship and credit transfer process.

Learn more about participating in an International Exchange.

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Independent CULTURE Project or Modules (CU 351)

Independent CULTURE Projects allow students to study any culture that peeks their interest. Students will select a culture to study and then work with a faculty adviser to create their own personal itinerary to interact with that culture for an appropriate period of time. An Independent CULTURE Project may stand on its own or be combined with an Independent Module.

Learn more about creating an Independent Module.

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Advanced Language Study

Students taking foreign language study courses can receive their CULTURE credit by passing two or more of these courses at the 300 level or above.

Learn more about pursuing advanced language study.

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May Module

In order to enrich Centenary’s curriculum, we offer a variety of short, intensive courses each May. These courses explore topics of general or specialized interest not normally offered in Centenary’s semester and Summer courses. In order to graduate from Centenary, all students must complete one (1) Module for graduation, but an additional Module may be applied towards the hours required for graduation.

Module courses are two to four week courses that are offered both on and off campus. These courses may serve the additional purpose of fulfilling the CULTURE requirement of the Trek Experience. While modules are not required to contain a CULTURE component, due to the flexibility of location and content, most module courses offer CULTURE credit and are, by far, the most popular option for doing so.

Learn more about May Modules at Centenary.

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