Service-Learning Resources for Faculty

The Office of Community has compiled what we feel are the best resources for any faculty member hoping to find out more about Service-Learning and how to incorporate it into what they are teaching in the classroom. Please review the links and documents below, and contact us should you have any questions- we are here to help! Choose from the links below to jump to a particular section on this page:

Sample Syllabi

Service-Learning can take many different shapes, and can be implemented into almost any college course. Please take a look at the sample syllabi below, organized by academic department, to see how faculty at other campuses are incorporating Service-Learning into their curriculum.

Ancient & Modern Languages

Art & Visual Culture









Geology & Geography

Health & Exercise Science

History & Political Science







Religious Studies


Theater & Dance

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Information about Service-Learning

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Campus Compact Resources for Faculty

Consider the Campus Compact website a "One Stop Shop" in terms of how other colleges and universities have implemented Service-Learning. This site showcases many different faculty resources, including Service-Learning models, sample syllabi, research and statistics, and much more.

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Service-Learning Training Opportunities

Upcoming Service-Learning Events

Follow the link above to Learn and Serve America's National Service-Learning Clearinghouse Events Calendar. There you will find information on all upcoming webinars, trainings, and conferences relating to authentic Service-Learning and experiential education.

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International Research Conference on Service-learning and Community Engagement

This international research conference is sponsored by more than twenty national organizations and foundations and convenes leading service-learning scholars and researchers to present new study findings, methodological and theoretical advances, and recently completed research agendas for studying various aspects of service-learning in K-12 education, teacher education, and higher education.

National Society of Experiential Education

The National Society for Experiential Education conference is in the autumn, the call for proposals carries a January deadline. The NSEE has a special interest group devoted to service-learning and is an outstanding place to present service-learning research.

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Opportunities for Research and Publication

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

This is a national, peer-reviewed journal consisting of articles written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory pedagogy and other issues pertinent to the service-learning community.

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Compact Current

Campus Compactís newsletter for organizations and institutions involved in public and community service. This publication highlights the best writing on civic education and service-learning from sources all around the country. Compact Current is published three times per year in the fall, winter, and spring.

The Generator: Journal of Service-Learning and Service Leadership

Published by the National Youth Leadership Council, this journal of service-learning and youth leadership provides up-to-date information on service-learning methodologies, programs and initiatives.

Journal of Experiential Education

Published by the Association of Experiential Education (AEE), this is a professional, peer-reviewed journal that publishes a diverse range of articles in subject areas including service-learning.

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Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

The Journal is a peer-reviewed publication that welcomes submissions from a broad range of scholars, practitioners, and professionals. Its editorial goals are to serve as a forum to promote the continuing dialogue about the service and outreach mission of the university; and to foster understanding of how the service and outreach mission relates to the university's teaching and research missions as well as the needs of the sponsoring society.

Information on Publishing and Presenting Service-Learning Research

Once research has been conducted, there are many means by which it may be published or presented, especially as service-learning has received increased attention within higher education. The resources listed at this site are intended to provide a synopsis of where and how to present and publish service-learning research materials.

Funding Resources for S-L Research

By clicking the above link, you will download a list of grant and other funding sources for Service-Learning research.

For further assistance with funding service-learning projects please view the Funding Tip Sheet.

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