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Centenary in Paris Helpful Links

Dates for Centenary in Paris 2015

Wednesday, August 5th - Friday, August 14th

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SOAR Orientation Info

During each of the 3 sessions of Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR), Centenary faculty and staff led a programmatic orientation covering "need to know" information about the structure and format of the upcoming Centenary in Paris program beginning in August 2014. Below is a link to the PowerPoint that was shared with incoming students and parents.

Our Department of Public Safety developed a handout of tips to keep in mind when preparing to travel abroad. Check out the link below to read their list of things to think about when preparing to travel to and from Paris.


For more information about the guide to baggage, go to:

For more information on what you should know when traveling through security checkpoints, go to:


The Local: Paris News in English

As you begin your journey abroad, its important to know the current news happening within the place you plan to go. Below is a link to news in Paris, France. Updates are made daily.

Traveling Abroad


The U.S. Department of State hosts a website called Here you can find current information about traveling abroad. The link below will take you to a webpage about the country of France.

The U.S. Department of State has a great webpage to help travelers pack what they need in order to have a safe and successful trip abroad. Check out this webpage they call the "Traveler's Checklist" to make sure that you have what you need when going abroad.

Packing Tips

Its always important to how to pack when traveling abroad. The link below is to a short video on how one person was able to pack for a month long trip in one small carry on bag. Good information to know when going abroad for a week or more!


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention sponsors a website on current best practices and important information to know in order to remain healthy while traveling. Check out this webpage on France to learn about what you need to know to remain healthy while studying in Paris.


Below are two links that will help you avoid problems with financial needs abroad. Remember, its always good to plan ahead! Don't forget to bring 2 credit cards or debit cards with you on the experience and make sure to call your bank to let them know that you are leaving before you go.

Cultural Perspectives

Stereotypes of Americans on Study Abroad

As you travel through France it will be important not to stand out necessarily and not draw attention to yourself in loud and unsafe ways. Check out the video people about adapting to a new culture in order to have a positive experience.

Stuff Study Abroad Students Say

When traveling abroad its important to know that not everyone you meet has your best interest in mind. Meeting new people is important while you're abroad, and learning about the new culture by experiencing it is imporant as well. However, remaining aware of yourself and your surroundings should come first. Check out this video on mannerisms and connecting with people abroad to in order to make sure that you stay focused and safe while traveling.

Good Things to Know

Social Media Could Hurt Your Experience Abroad More Than Help It

Although Facebook and other social media outlets are fun and a great way to communicate, they could also deter you from truly enjoying your study abroad experience. Check out this article from the The Chronicle of Higher Education written by a former Director of International Program who warns us of the pitfalls of engaging in too much social media while we're studying abroad in another country.

Drinking and Studying Abroad is Not a Good Mix

Even though France has a legal drinking age of 18, we are not supporting students to drink while in France. In fact, the student handbook clearly warns of student misconduct and the consequences of drinking during an academic experience such as Centenary in Paris. However, there are other reasons why student should not drink while studying abroad. Check out this article to learn of one student's experience while studying in Italy and how different countries use alcohol differently. Every country is different and their social and cultural environments are different as well.

12 Things to be Aware of When Visiting Paris

The link below will take you to a list of 12 things that local Parians may seem sensitive to within the French and, in particular, the Paris culture. Be aware. Be alert. Trying something new usually never hurts!