To Redeem Your Passport Points

1. Visit the Redemption Deadlines webpage to see when the deadline is for redeeming your Passport Points for the International Educational Travel Opportunity you plan to participate in this year.

Redemption Requests will only be honored at specific times each semester before the payment deadline of the International Educational Travel Opportunity you seek to attend.

2. If you're ahead of the deadline click here to finish the process. Enter your student ID number in the box and click "Login".

3. Follow the instructions and you'll be ready to redeem your points!

Redemption Process Guidelines

  • For group International Educational Travel Opportunities, such as International Modules or International Choir Tour, students cannot redeem Passport Points in order to meet the obligations of the initial deposit.

  • For individual International Educational Travel Opportunities, students must receive written approval that their Independent Proposal was approved and turn in a copy of that approval to the Office of Global Engagement prior to submitting a request to redeem your Passport Points.

  • All redemption requests must be submitted by the final payment deadline set by the faculty or staff leader of each International Educational Travel Opportunity. Deadlines are listed here.

  • Other questions? Please visit the FAQ page on the Passport Points website.

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