Faculty Service-Learning Initiatives

It is our hope that this page will spark ideas through the examples given of how other faculty members are incorporating Service-Learning into their curriculum. It highlights current and past projects that Centenary's own faculty have undertaken in order to enhance their students' learning through service, and also includes a database of sample syllabi from other colleges and universities based on academic major.

Service-Learning Academic Courses

Students may fulfill their Service-Learning requirement through a number of academic courses by being concurrently enrolled in the course and Service-Learning. In this option, students participate in Service-Learning projects that are relevant to their area of study and what they are learning in the course.

The Psychology Department

Through a partnership between the Office of Community and Dr. Amy Hammond, professor of Psychology, students who are enrolled in Human Growth & Development now have the opportunity to complete their Service-Learning credit concurrently through this course.

In the Spring of 2011, students worked with the Goldman School and Childhood Development Center at The Arc, and Holy Angels Residential Facility. Human Growth & Development students served in classrooms and residential halls working with the students and adults, and observing the behaviors of both typically and atypically developing people. This is an exciting new collaboration, because students have the opportunity to relate what they're observing at each Community Partner organization to what they are learning in the course, enhancing the learning experience and providing experiential education.

Click HERE to learn more about this course by viewing Dr. Hammond's Human Growth & Development Service-Learning syllabus.

The Neuroscience Department

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Through the efforts of Dr. Greg Butcher, Professor of Neuroscience, students who enroll in Introduction to Neuroscience and Sensation and Perception will now be able to earn their Service-Learning credit concurrently. Students work in pairs to create a demonstration related to the brain, and then take that demonstration on the road to Sci-Port to show groups of children from area schools. Past participants in this S-L project have claimed that the project deepened their knowledge of the subject matter from the course, and gave them a sense of fulfillment having been able to teach science to young kids in a fun way.

To learn more about the specifics of this project, click HERE to download Dr. Butcher's project description.

To review the most current syllabus click HERE.

Environmental Studies

Students who take Environmental Studies 302 / Sociology 396: Greenways, Mobility, and American Public Life with Dr. John Davenport are able to obtain their Service-Learning credit through a unique project. In the Spring of 2010, two students visited proposed greenway sites, attended A Better Shreveport meetings, and developed educational materials for children visiting greenways in Shreveport.

"Service-Learning incorporated my skills with the curriculum the Greenways class as a means of serving the Shreveport community. My project, a children's guide for the Montessori Trail near the Montessori School evolved into a treasure hunt as ideas passed between my class, A Better Shreveport meetings, and experiences on the trail with students. This was an amazing enriching experience." -Sarah Savage

To learn more about this project, click HERE to download Dr. Davenport's project description.

The Biology Department

For the Spring 2011 semester students enrolled in Conservation Biology 412 were given the opportunity to complete their Service-Learning credit through the course taught by Dr. Ed Leuck.

During the course students worked with select grades from Oil City Elementary Magnet School, which uses a hands-on environmental science education theme throughout their curriculum. The Oil City students were given tours of the Centenary College Arboretum over three periods of the semester and learned about topics such as biological diversity, exotic species and preservation.

Click here to review the current syllabus.

Faculty Sponsored Service-Learning Projects

These projects vary by semester, so take a look at a few that have happened in the past, and contact the Office of Community for more information about each.

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The Frost School of Business

The Centenary College Frost School of Business implemented a pilot service-learning project in the spring of 2009, and duplicated that project in the spring of 2010. Taxation students provided free electronic tax preparation services to members of the Centenary community and residents of the Highland area. Sponsored by Dr. Helen B. Sikes, Professor of Accounting and Finance, students participating in the project achieved valuable experience electronically preparing and filing federal and state tax returns.

Area residents and community members received cost-savings of tax preparation fees which can easily reach $250 at nationally advertised firms," said Sikes. "Two of our students, Stephanie Beauvais and Jessica Mar quart, junior accounting and finance majors, participated in the pilot service project and prepared more than 40 federal and state tax returns in nine different states." During the spring of 2010, a dozen students helped with the project. The students interviewed the taxpayers and prepared the returns and after a review by Sikes, the returns were electronically filed with the IRS and the various states.

Click HERE to read more about the great success of this program.

For its third consecutive Spring semester, taxation students assisted members of the community in completing both their federal and state tax returns.

Click here to read more about this years project.

Theater and Dance

During the Spring 2010 semester, Dr. Emily Heugatter sponsored a production of The Tempest with the idea of touring local underserved high schools and bringing the arts to teens that typically wouldn't have that opportunity. The production was a huge success, and ended up being performed twice at Centenary College, free and open to the entire community. The group also performed for the residents of Northwest Supports and Services, and for the students of the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts in Natchitoches.

Art and Visual Culture

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During the Fall 2009 semester, Dr. Michelle Glaros sponsored the VA Video Project, in which several students recorded interviews with veterans at the VA Hospital. The interviews were then sent to the Library of Congress, permanently recording the stories of our brave veterans for future generations to see.

Click HERE to view the syllabus from Dr. Glarosí Spring 2011 project.

During the Summer of 2010, Dr. Lisa Nicoletti sponsored the Pop! Installation at Artspace. Students worked with Megan Porter at Artspace to install a 50 foot piece made by injecting paint into bubble wrap to create a mosaic-type image. The project was a huge success and most of the students plan to continue helping with installations at Artspace in the future.