Service-Learning for Centenary Faculty Members

Previous Centenary Service-Learning Courses and Projects

Several of your peers at Centenary have already decided to incorporate Service-Learning into their curricula in exciting and creative ways. Why not learn more about past projects and courses?

I would like to view a workshop on Service-Learning and how I can get involved!
The Office of Community recently developed a 10 minute online workshop (pdf) to guide you through the changes and explain how you can get involved with Service-Learning. We presented this workshop at a Lunch and Learn in the Spring of 2010, and it is our hope that you will view it in a similar manner: Grab lunch, sit back, and enjoy!

Available resources for Service-Learning

We have compiled a list of resources and sample syllabi to assist any faculty member who would like to do further research into Service-Learning, or read syllabi from Service-Learning faculty both at Centenary and across the nation.