Office of Global Engagement

Student Testimonials

Listed below are student reflections about their experiences participating in programs coordinated by the Office of Global Engagement.


Sarah Hazlett - During her CLC Internship with Broadmoor United Methodist Church

"I think that civic responsibility is very important. I believe that we have a responsibility to give to the community of which we are a part."

Peyton Benedict - After her time serving at the American Rose Society

"I learned how to truly serve my community."

Morgan Brewton - After her experience doing service at The Glen Retirement System

"Many memories were made. I have been blessed with the chances to better my professional future."


Laura Adame - International Degree Seeking Student from Mexico

"Centenary College has helped me grow a lot as a person. It has helped me experience things that I never thought I would see and it has opened a lot of doors for me. "

Colton Robey Ė During his time at Aarhus, Denmark for Study Abroad

"I am growing and learning more about my own culture. I am developing a more expanded view and more culturally accepting view. Going abroad is seriously an amazing life changing thing that people should take advantage of."

Holly Moore Ė During her time at Lingnan University in Hong Kong

"This experience is valuable to me not only because Iíve been able to experience a new culture, but also because it helps me understand and appreciate my own culture a lot more. Sometimes it takes getting out in new places we arenít familiar with (sometimes itís scary) in order to realize that the various details in our lives have often been taken for granted."

Eren Corapcioglu - Reflection of time in Bremen, Germany for May Module

"Looking back on my two weeks in Bremen there were several elements of the culture that I enjoyed and I developed some new insights to my culture. The people of Germany love their culture, they have large influences from arts and philosophy, and are very knowledgeable of past historical events. They waste far less than us and walk more and play outside all times of day and night. The German culture in general was a lot more quiet and polite. The food there was amazing and healthy. I adored everything about the country and the open spaces in Germany. They were probably the most beautiful pieces of land I had ever seen. The German culture had an amazing understanding and awareness of what was going on in each nation around the world. Our nation as a whole needs to become more globally aware."

Tyler Bassett Ė Reflection of time in Nicaragua on Tropical Biology May Module

"There are two things I brought back with me from my experience in Nicaragua. These are a sense of appreciation for the little things and also the importance of slowing down from the rush of this fast pace life I live. After living over two weeks without warm, clean water, electricity and a soft bed it made me think of all of the things I take advantage of every day. My time spent in Nicaragua has given me new insight into my perception of the world which has really changed my views as well as actions in my everyday life."