Campus Services

Academic Counseling

The advisor is responsible for assisting students in all areas of academic life, such as assisting students with schedules and a degree plan which must be filed no later than the first semester of the junior year in the Office of the Registrar. At the time of admission to the College each student is assigned a faculty advisor who is available for advice in academic matters.

Academic Petitions

The faculty has established a procedure to act on the requests of students for exception to, or waiver of, academic regulations. Your advisor, the registrar or Office of the Provost can assist you. Students may not petition academic suspensions; enrollment for more than 21 hours in any regular semester (12 hours during the summer); more than a total of 18 pass/fail hours; and graduation with less than 124 hours or less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average overall or in their major(s).

Address Change

It is the responsibility of each enrolled student to provide the College with up-to-date local and permanent mailing addresses. An address change that occurs any time after the student completes the registration process for the current semester should be reported to the Office of Student Life.

Automobiles on Campus / Vehicle Registration

All faculty, staff and students must register their vehicles prior to the beginning of the fall semester each year. There is a $35.00 fee for resident students and a $17.50 fee for commuters. Vehicles are registered on line through the Department of Public Safety's website and the parking decals are delivered through campus mail generally within a week. In order to register a motor vehicle, you will need a valid driver's license and the license plate number of your vehicle. Instructions on how to register your vehicle are as follows:

Members of the Centenary Community who have not previously registered a vehicle may register a new vehicle throughout the year by the same process. Only one parking decal is issued to each member of the Centenary Community, however, the decal may be transferred to different vehicles operated by the registrant. All registrants are encouraged to update their vehicle registration information upon acquiring a different primary vehicle by sending an e-mail to email. If the correct vehicle information is on file then DPS officers will be able to quickly contact the owner of a vehicle in the event of an emergency. Vehicle registration does not guarantee a specific parking place or parking lot. Everyone has multiple lots available for their use. The Parking Rules and Regulations in addition to the color-coded decals and signs should assist you in determining if you are able to park in a specific lot. It is your responsibility to read the campus Parking Policies and Regulations that are located on the DPS website. Members of the Centenary Community who need a temporary permit may request one at the Department of Public Safety office, which is located in Centenary Square. In order to replace a lost or stolen decal the registrant must go to the Department of Public Safety and file a report. Parking fines should be paid at the Business office in Hamilton Hall.

Campus Convocations

The College has set aside Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon as a time for the entire campus community to gather for special programs and lectures. Periodically, these may be scheduled on Tuesday mornings (President’s Convocation) or other times. On occasions these gatherings are academic convocations resulting in formal processionals by faculty, staff and seniors. Incoming first year students participate in the President’s Convocation. Religious programs can also be held during this time period. All students and staff are encouraged to attend. In order to preserve this time for a gathering of the entire campus community, both faculty and Student Senate have designated that no other meetings should be scheduled at this hour unless there is no official College function planned. Additional concerts and lectures are scheduled for other announced times throughout the semester.

Campus Facilities

Facility Services

Facility Services staff members are on call to respond to all building repair needs and emergencies. If students need their assistance concerning residence halls, they should first notify their RA BEFORE submitting a maintenance request via the Internet. The maintenance request can be found under Campus Services from the Centenary College homepage. All facilities staff members are required to wait until after 9:30 a.m. before entering the residence halls; therefore if you wish an earlier response time, please mention it on the work order.

Any EMERGENCIES that occur after hours or on weekends should be reported to a RA or the call the Department of Public Safety at ext. 5000 for assistance. Due to liability concerns, the College is no longer able to loan tools or equipment to students or student organizations.

As with most campus buildings built before 1980, some of the buildings materials used during construction contain asbestos (ACBM). These areas are monitored periodically to insure there is no risk to the occupants. A comprehensive survey of each building and the location of ACBM is housed at the Facilities Services’ office and is available for review during normal business hours.

Conference Office

All facilities must be reserved through the Conference and Facilities Office. Requests are subject to availability and are processed on a first come first served basis. If the desired facility is not available, the Coordinator will assist you to find an alternate location. Facility requests should be submitted by way of the Internet from the Centenary Homepage under Campus Services. Changes made for any event must be done by email, or a new facility request submitted. All events are posted on the Schedule of Events on the Conference and Facilities Homepage listed under Facility Scheduling under the Campus Services page. Requests for the use of a facility, which provides less than a 48-hour response time from the Conference Office or Facility Services is subject to the scheduling and availability of personnel who handle the request.

Student organizations requesting the use of tables or chairs are required to leave a refundable deposit before picking up the equipment. The deposit is refunded through the Business Office after the return of the borrowed items. The Conference Office can be reached at ext. 5015. Guest rooms are available in Hardin, James and Sexton. The cost is $35.00 per night.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services can be helpful from the first day a student arrives on the Centenary campus until their graduation. We offer workshops, drop-in and by-appointment career advising to help students choose a major, find a part time job, get an internship, write a resume, apply to graduate school, or help find that first job. Centenary offers students an excellent education; Career Services can help put that education to work.. With help from Career Services, students will have the tools needed to start a successful career. Whether a student defines success as pursuing a graduate degree, following a career path in medicine or law, working towards management in a multi-national company, teaching K-12 students, or contributing to research in the latest biotech fields, Centenary can help make those dreams a reality.

Centenary College Store

The College Bookstore, located in the Student Union Building, has a variety of items ranging from textbooks and supplies to novelty items and educationally priced computer software. The College Bookstore also offers the sending of packages by Fed Ex. The College Store will accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, and extended hours during RUSH and special events as posted.

Chaplain of the College

The Chaplain of the College serves as pastor to the Centenary community and liaison to the different denominational campus ministries. The Chaplain is available for shortterm spiritual counseling. There are opportunities available for worship, Bible Study, and individual spiritual direction offered through various campus ministries and the Chaplain’s office. A general listing of worship opportunities throughout the area is available in the Chaplain’s office. The Religious Life website offers information or you may call the Chaplain’s office at 869.5157.

Commencement Material

The use of cords and tassels by academic departments, in addition to those issues to recognize academic honors, will be permitted. Cords and tassels utilized will be provided by the department in recognition of those receiving departmental honors or belonging to the honor society of that department. In addition, each department will be responsible for issuing the tassels or cords prior to commencement.

Computer Lab Use

Please read Computer Use Policy under Community Standards Section for details.

Counseling Center


The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide students with brief, solution focused counseling that enables them to cope with personal problems that may impede their success as college students. Referrals to community resources can also be made. Counseling is provided free of charge to all currently enrolled Centenary students. Confidentiality is strictly maintained. The Center is located on the ground floor of Rotary Residence Hall, phone number 869.5466.

Disability Services

Centenary assures students with disabilities equal opportunity to reach the same level of achievement as other students in the most integrated setting appropriate to the individual’s needs. No qualified student shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity. Services for students with disabilities are available by contacting the Counseling Center at 869.5466, which is located on the ground floor of Rotary Residence Hall. Students are required to register with this office each semester to obtain accommodations.

Department of Public Safety

The goal of the Centenary College Department of Public Safety is to provide a safe environment so that the College can fulfill its educational mission. In order to accomplish this goal the Department of Public Safety (DPS) employs College Police Officers who have successfully completed a Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy and have been commissioned by the State of Louisiana. These officers have the same law enforcement powers, authority and responsibilities as a state/city police officer or sheriff’s deputy including the power of arrest. The Department of Public Safety has staff on duty 24 hours a day every day of the year. DPS officers engage in around the clock patrols of the campus including the residence halls, Greek Houses, contiguous streets and parking lots. The Department of Public Safety is responsible for providing the college community with access to facilities. Requests to use campus facilities should be directed to the Facility Coordinator, at the Facility Services office, who will in turn provide the Department of Public Safety with a facility use schedule. The Department of Public Safety is also responsible for enforcing parking regulations and other campus rules. DPS officers respond to crimes in progress, emergencies and to simply investigate incidents of suspicious behavior. They also write offense and traffic accident reports. The Department of Public Safety has proactive policies, which are geared to preventing crimes before they occur. The Department attempts to keep the college community apprised of ongoing criminal activity in the campus area or emergencies that may affect them via informational bulletins over e-mail. There is a student patrol program that provides members of the college community with an escort across campus 24 hours a day. The Department offers a program entitled Operation ID that is designed to deter theft and assist in the recovery of personal property. DPS officers are available to participate in educational programs regarding alcohol, drugs or sexual assault.
The Department of Public Safety Office is located in Suite 214 A of Centenary Square, which is on the northeast corner of the intersection of Kings Highway and Woodlawn Avenue. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to immediately report any unusual incidents, suspicious people and/or crimes to the Department by dialing 5000 from an on campus phone or 869-5000 on an off campus phone. Members of the Centenary community should simply dial 911 in the event of an emergency. DPS officers carry portable radios with telephone capability, which enable them to directly answer both phone lines from anywhere on campus. The College also maintains a hands-free emergency campus telephone system. There are emergency phones located at the main entrance to each residence hall. Additional emergency phones are located at the north entrance to Hardin Hall, by the south entrance to the Hurley School of Music, on the SUB patio, in Lot 11, in the Arboretum, by the Gold Dome and near Lot 6 (at the south entrance to the Smith Building). The Department of Public Safety has a good relationship with the other law enforcement agencies in the area and is available to assist students in reporting crimes that occurred outside the campus jurisdiction to the appropriate agency.

Important Telephone Numbers

Campus Resources

If on campus, only dial last 4 digits of phone number.

Emergency 911
Public Safety (Campus Police) 869-5000
Health Services 869-5466
Student Life Office 869-5117
Residence Life Office 869-5273
College Counseling Center 869-5424
Facility Services 869-5286

Community Resources

Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department 226-6555
Bossier Parish Sheriff's Department 965-2203
Shreveport Police Department 673-7300
Bossier City Police Department 741-8610
Shreveport Fire Department 673-6650
Bossier City Fire Department 741-8710
Rape Crisis Line - YWCA 222-0556
Highland Hospital 798-4300
Schumpert Medical Center 681-4500
Willis-Knighton Pierremont 212-3500
LSU Medical Center 675-6880
Willis-Knighton Bossier Health Center 752-7500
Quick Care 212-3520
Bossier Medical Center 741-6020

State Resources

Louisiana State Police 741-7411
Department of Motor Vehicles 676-5857
Drivers License and Vehicle Registration 676-5859

Dining Services

Centenary Dining Services is dedicated to serving student’s dietary needs with the highest level of quality and customer service. Centenary Dining Services provides several meal plan options. Students living in the residence halls or Greek houses are required to purchase a meal plan. Students who require special dietary needs under the care of a physician should present their prescribed menu to the Director of Dining Services. Freshman and Sophomore students can choose either a seventeen meal per week plan supplemented with $150 “Cent Bucks” or a twelve meal per week plan supplemented with $250 “Cent Bucks.” Juniors and Seniors can choose either of the previous plans or choose a seven meal per week plan with $200 “Cent Bucks.” For commuting students, Centenary Dining offers a fifty meal per semester plan supplemented with $75 “Cent Bucks.” For an explanation of how the plans work see the meal plan brochure. Additional “Cent Bucks” can be purchased at the Dining Services office located in Bynum Commons. Meals can be redeemed in the Bynum Commons Café and “Cent Bucks” can be used in either the Bynum Commons Café or in Randle’s Place, located in the Student Union Building. If you have any questions please call the Dining Hall at 869-5284.

Financial Aid

Scholarships, grants, and all federal aid programs are administered by the Director of Financial Aid. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Financial Aid if they have any concerns or problems with their awards. Veterans’ benefits are administered by the V.A. Representative in the Office of Financial Aid. The Anna Ruth Nuttall Small Loan Fund is available for students in most cases. This fund was established by the family and friends of the late Dr. Anna Ruth, Assistant Professor of Bible and English at the College until her death in 1952. Students should apply to the Business Office. Ordinarily the amount loaned will be a maximum of $25.00. Loans are payable within fifteen days. Special provisions permit College authorities to lend larger sums from the fund when an emergency arises. Other resources for students are outlined in the college catalogue.

Fitness Center

Centenary College completed the renovation of the Centenary Fitness Center in November 2000. Students, staff, and faculty members of Centenary have unlimited access to the Fitness Center during operational hours by simply swiping your Centenary ID. Alums of the College also have the opportunity to purchase memberships at a very low cost through the Fitness Center. Our modernized Fitness Center features a natatorium, basketball courts, racquetball courts, 1/10th mile track, a workout room (with Nautilus machines, free weights, and a variety of treadmills, step machines, etc.), dance studio, aerobics room, and full locker rooms with showers and sauna.

Outside the Fitness Center, the Peavy Climbing Tower beckons would-be adventurers to scale its dizzying heights.

Greek Life

During your college experience, you have a unique opportunity to join the social network of a social fraternity or sorority. This will be one of the most significant and rewarding choices you make. Here at Centenary, over 25% of current students have found a second home in one of our sever organizations. There are five men's fraternities; Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Theta Chi. There are also two women's sororities; Chi Omega and Zeta Tau Alpha.

We invite you to explore our options on campus to determine if there is an organization that is the right fit for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Office of Student Involvement.

ID Cards

All Centenary students are required to have a valid Centenary College ID card. New students can have their ID cards made during Freshman Advising or Orientation. The first ID card is free; replacement cards are $10.00. Centenary ID cards are made at the Department of Public Safety office, which is located in Suite 214 A of Centenary Square, between 9-12 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. Students who are unable to come during these hours may call and request an appointment. Centenary College is in the process of converting to a card access system. Students will need their cards to gain access to various buildings on campus. A student with a meal plan will also need their ID card to gain entry to the cafeteria. Other benefits of an ID card include check out privileges at the library, admittance to home athletic events and one free ticket to theater productions. When a student graduates or leaves for any other reason the ID card must be turned into the Department of Public Safety. Transcripts can be held if the card is not returned. ID cards are nontransferable and will be confiscated if someone other than the owner attempts to use a card for any purpose.


We provide all students, staff and faculty with the opportunity to participate in structured recreational activities. The intramural sports program provides competition, recreation and instruction through the intramural and club sports. Students may compete in sports that are not offered at the varsity level, or enjoy a sport without the rigorous demands of varsity sports. Intramural sports offered at Centenary include, but are not limited to soccer, flag football, basketball, softball, volleyball and ultimate frisbee. Outdoor intramural games are held on Jones Rice Field which boasts a new sand volleyball pit. The intramural sports program also offers the opportunity to earn extra money for school by officiating intramural games. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Thomas at 841.7245, or stop by the Fitness Center.


The John F. Magale Memorial Library of Centenary College offers a variety of contemporary facilities and services which make it the information and study "hub” of the campus. The Library is open a total of 100 hours each week during a semester. The total collection, over 194,000 books, periodicals, and media are used for class work, personal research, and general interest reading. The collection is arranged in open shelves according to the Dewey Decimal/Library of Congress Classification Systems. The library has a seating capacity of over 400 spread throughout the building. The Circulation Desk, the Reference Collection, Technology Help Desk, 7 Classroom Computer Labs, Electronic Databases/Print Indexes, a Video-editing, Compression Lab, a stack area of books published after 1990, and current periodical collection are all located on the main floor. The Reserve Collection is located behind the Circulation Desk. The book and periodical collections are largely located on the second floor. An educational screening room, including DVD and all media formats is also located on the second floor.

Located throughout the library are 36 Satellite Drops and 9 Video Conferencing Drops to make Distance Education easily available. An open food and drink policy provides cold drink and snack machines, and a microwave located on the main first floor. The library gives students a feeling of home with soft chairs and sofas, large study table areas, and over 160 networked PC’s with 100 Megabits per second connections. A selected group of approximately 180 Electronic Subscription Databases allow for the easy location of journal citations and abstracts, with 120 databases containing full text articles on demand. Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery services provide access to non electronic materials throughout the world. Study facilities include large tables, carrels, and study rooms. A growing collection of videos enhances both individual and class materials. Seven advanced multimedia computer areas are located on the first floor of the library, including a Web Page production lab and a Multimedia development center with scanner use. Photocopiers are provided on first and second floors. A gallery in the main foyer houses monthly art exhibits. A portion of the fine art collection of the college is on display throughout the library. The library specializes in offering individualized or group research services help. The primary task of any member of the staff is to provide customer service to library users for any of their information needs. A Reference Librarian and Library Technologist are available during open hours. Other library related facilities include a music library and lab adjacent to Hurley Music Building and archive resources on Centenary and Methodist history in the The Pierce Cline Archive/Rare Book Room has been relocated in the library basement. The Cline Room also houses a modern authors collection, highlighted by the works of Jack London and William Corrington.

Lost and Found

Items left in the Library may be claimed at the Library Circulation Desk. If items are left elsewhere, contact the Office of Student Life or the Department of Public Safety. Lost articles should be taken to the Office of Student Life in the Student Union or given to a Public Safety officer.

Mail Services

Mail Services is located in the Moore Student Center. During fall and spring semesters the Post Office is open from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. All student mail is delivered to student mail boxes located on the main floor of the Student Center. Mail is delivered twice a day, Monday-Friday. Sorting is completed and delivery made to the boxes by 12:00 noon. Packages, bundles and mail box combinations will not be given out without a Centenary College I.D. Card. Box numbers and combinations are issued to all full-time undergraduates at orientation during the fall semester. Each student keeps the same mail box during his/her years at Centenary. Students not assigned box numbers at orientation should check with the Post Office personnel as early as possible for an assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to give the Campus Post Office written notification of any change of address to ensure proper forwarding of mail. When a student leaves for the summer and plans to return in the fall, he/she may fill out a forwarding address card OR the mail will be put in the assigned mailbox and may be retrieved when he/she returns. If a student is graduating, he/she MUST fill out a forwarding address card, otherwise, the mail received will be returned to the sender. For more information, call 869-5263.

Medical/Health Services

Health Services are provided by a Registered Nurse. These services are located in the lower level of Rotary Hall. Hours are posted in Rotary Hall and in the Student Union Building and in Residence Halls. Health Services can be reached at 869.5466. Health Services offered are first-aid, consultation, wellness programs, and provider referrals that meet the needs of the majority of students. Some specialized additional care can be provided, i.e. follow up care, dressing changes, and hospital visits. If students are in need of care during non-operational hours, the student may contact the Department of Public Safety at 869.5000 for assistance in contacting the Director of Health Services. In the case of emergencies students should call 911 and notify the RA’s and DPS. All communicable diseases must be reported to the Health Center regardless of where treatment is obtained. Each full time student is required to have a record of immunizations and a physical examination on file in Health Services. This is to assist in providing care in the case of illness and to be in compliance with State of Louisiana immunization requirements. There is a mandatory health insurance fee and health center fee that is paid at the beginning of each semester. A brochure with complete information on the student health insurance plan is available through the Health Services office.

New Student Orientation

The Office of Student Life and a select group of returning students coordinate New Student Orientation. All first year students and transfer students entering Centenary College are required to participate in orientation. New Student Orientation occurs just prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters. All new students must pay a one-time fee for orientation.

Office of Residence Life and Housing

The Residence Life and Housing department provides social and educational activities, oversees housing placement and operations, and coordinates other residential functions for students who live in the campus residence halls. The office is located on the lower level of the Student Union Building (SUB). The office staff consists of the Director of Residence Life and a staff of student assistants. Our live-in staff include the Director of Residence Life, 3 Hall Directors (HDs), the Assistant Director to the Fitness Center and a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs).

Hall Directors (HD): Hall Directors are outstanding upper-class student leaders with prior RA experience. Each Hall Director is responsible for one residence hall, supervises a minimum of 2 RA staff members, and advises a Hall Council.

Resident Assistant (RA): The RAs are the backbone of our residence life program. Each of these student leaders is selected through a selective screening process and receives extensive training on mediation, activity planning, policy enforcement, and dealing with emergency procedures. RAs are responsible for upholding community standards, mentoring students on their floors, and building a sense of community in the residence halls.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Hall Councils

The students of each residence hall elect peers to represent them each year. Each building elects a Hall Council. These governing bodies set community standards, plan activities, and represent the students living on campus. Each Hall Council sends their President and one other representative to serve on the board of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). RHA executive board members are elected each spring in a campus-wide election. In addition to activity planning and student representation, RHA sets sanctioning guidelines and for minor residential judicial cases and hears appeals, provides leadership training, and represents our campus at regional and national conferences. Any student who is interested in one of these leadership positions is encouraged to contact a residence life staff, Hall Council, or RHA member for more information.

Office of Student Life

The Student Life Staff are available to provide service and support for students that enhance learning and continued personal growth. Students are encouraged to address problems, concerns, complaints, or recommendations to any member of the staff. The Offices of the Dean of Student Life, Residence Life and Housing, and Student Activities are located in the Student Union Building. Counseling Services and Health Services are located in Rotary Hall. Intramural and Recreational Activities are located in the Centenary Fitness Center.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for monitoring the academic policies of Centenary College. Students should contact this office, located in Hamilton Hall for services or questions concerning registration issues, including enrollment status and changes; academic petitions; transcript requests, verifications of enrollment or letters of good standing; degree, catalog, and graduation requirements; transfer of credit; scheduling or advising problems; or any other concerns regarding academic issues.

Religious Life

Centenary College offers a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth, study and fellowship. Each Tuesday at 11:10am, “Stepping Stones,” a worship service led by students held in Brown Memorial Chapel. At the conclusion of the service, the Chaplain of the College offers Holy Communion for those who wish to participate. Various Bible studies, opportunities for service, fellowship, and worship are offered through the campus ministry organizations on campus. A complete listing of campus ministries and their activities may be found on The Religious Life page of the Centenary College website. Students are encouraged to find a church home in the Shreveport-Bossier community within their religious tradition. Information for worship services for various denominations and beliefs may be obtained from the Administrative Assistant to the Chaplain at 869.5156. Students, faculty, and staff should fee free to contact the college Chaplain at 869.5157.

Service Learning

Service-Learning program at Centenary provides a variety of service opportunities for Centenary students. Service projects range from animal care, the arts, coaching, camp counseling, teaching, and recycling, to child and adult tutoring and care. Most service projects are designed to coincide with Centenary’s semester schedule and includes a variety of days and times to fit any student’s class schedule. May Module and Alternative-Break service opportunities are also available. All students must complete a minimum of 30 clock hours of service-learning as a requirement for graduation. Information is available through faculty advisors, the Director of Service-Learning at the Center for Extended Learning, or the Registrar’s Office.

Student Involvement Office

The Student Involvement Office provides students with many opportunities to get involved in activities, programs, and services at Centenary College. The office serves as a resource center for information about campus activities, as well as student organizations. The Student Involvement Office is located on the lower level of the Student Union Building (SUB).

Student Medias

Contact information for these organizations can be found on the Student Life page of the Centenary College webpage. The media offices can be found on the third floor of the Student Union Building.


The mission of the Conglomerate is to create a student newspaper featuring news related to the campus and area events of interest to the Centenary community, to serve as a medium for students to actively voice their concerns, and in doing all of these things uphold the rules and ethics of good journalism.


KSCL is a non-commercial educational radio station. As such, its purpose is to provide the campus and local community with informative news, weather, educational segments, and public service announcements as well as providing listeners with an alternative to the broadcast material typical of commercial radio stations in the Shreveport-Bossier area. It should, therefore, educate, entertain, and introduce the campus and community (as well as the DJ’s themselves) to new and often unknown artists from a variety of genres and provide these artists with the exposure that allows them to eat meals on a regular basis.


Pandora aims to give students, faculty, and alumni an opportunity for creative expression in literature, art, and music. Likewise, Pandora aspires to give students the recognition that comes from the publication of an original work, none of which excludes any portion of the liberal arts educational experience. Pandora’s originality comes in the form of diverse contributions of students and faculty; the publication shall strive for nation-wide recognition through media conferences in hopes of reflecting highly upon the student body and the staff of Pandora at large.


The purpose of the Yoncopin Staff is to create and produce a high-quality yearbook that will help students preserve their memories of their time at Centenary.

Student Organizations and Clubs

Centenary College hosts approximately 60 student-initiated clubs and organizations in 10 categories. These categories are: Academic and Departmental, Art and Music, Greek, Governing Bodies, Honor Societies, Media, Political, Religious, Service-Oriented, and Sports and Activities. A complete list of current, active organizations can be found on the Student Life homepage on the Centenary website.

While the many clubs offer some outlet for everyone, new clubs and organizations are always being formed. In order to create a new club or organization, please contact the Student Government Association.

Student Union Building (SUB)

The Moore Student Union Building is the hub of social activities and information on campus.

The main floor of the building houses many recreational activities. Pool, ping-pong, foosball, darts, and video gaming systems are available. There are also plenty of couches and tables to lounge in. The Information Center offers board games, banner-making supplies, free bicycle check-out, and general campus information. Randle’s (the snack bar), the College Store, the Student Government office, the Centenary Activities Board office, an ATM and a change machine are also located on the main floor.

The Post Office and the Student Life Office can be found in the lower level of the building. Each student has a campus mailbox and those can also be found downstairs. The Student Life Office is home to the Offices of the Dean of Students, Residence Life, and Student Involvement.

The student media can be found upstairs on the third floor of the SUB. These offices include the Conglomerate (newspaper), Yoncopin (yearbook), KSCL (radio station), and Pandora (literary magazine).

The Student Union Building is open from 6:00am to 12:00 midnight when classes are in session. The Information Center is staffed from approximately 10:00am until 12 midnight.

Study Areas

Students have diverse study habits. While some prefer to study in their rooms or lobbies, some find they need more isolated and quieter areas with less distraction. Commuter students find they can study better on campus and look for places on campus to study. In addition to one’s room on campus, the following areas are identified as study locations:

  • Library during regular hours
  • 24 hour co-ed study lounges are available in James, Sexton, Hardin, and Cline
  • Mickle Hall is available for study 24 hours daily when school is in session. (Contact Public Safety at 869.5000 for access at night or on weekends.)

Wilson Lectures

The Willson Lectureship has been established on the Centenary campus by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Willson of Floydada, Texas. This annual lectureship brings to the campus distinguished speakers in the fields of religion and higher education.