Student Life Expectations

What It Means To Be a Centenary Student

Centenary College has a long history of excellence in both academics and in student engagement. Each student enrolled at Centenary is expected to represent themselves and the College in a manner which characterizes respect, compassion and dignity. Community standards have been and will continue to be set collaboratively by both the College and the student body. These standards are in place so students will be challenged educationally, socially, and developmentally to meet the expectations of society. In addition these standards are instilled with a respect for the moral and intellectual stature of student members of Centenary’s academic and residential community.

All students at Centenary are responsible for the community standards and policies set forth in the Student Handbook. It will be understood by the administration that each student has read the handbook and understands the policies and procedures outlined. Community violations and misconduct will be considered a judicial matter and will result in appropriate sanctioning. In addition, students involved in alleged criminal behavior on or off the campus may face immediate suspension from the College. Any behavior that is determined to be a threat to the community or conflicts with the academic mission or vision statement of the college can also result in sanctioning or dismissal.

Good citizenship is a character trait that will follow each student into society and manifest itself into both the rights and responsibilities of the individual as well as the community. The Division of Student Life will support and challenge each student to aspire to such manifestations while encouraging students to hold both their peers.