Campus Organizations and Groups

For current listings of active campus organizations and groups, visit the Student Life website.

Expectations of Centenary College Community for Student Organizations

Centenary College offers many opportunities for membership in a variety of student organizations. All student organizations, Greek and non-Greek, are approved through the Student Government Association as outlined in the Student Government Constitution. All organizations are expected to abide by the expectations outlined below, those contained in the remaining sections of the Student Handbook, constitutions, and/or other “national” guidelines in letter or spirit. Disciplinary matters concerning organizations will be referred to the Student Services Committee. The Student Services Committee shall have the authority to decide when these regulations have been violated and issue appropriate action toward the organization. Penalties may be assessed based on the following guidelines:

First Offense: The organization may be issued a formal warning and/or receive community service hours not to exceed five (5) hours per member based on the organization roster at the time of the violation.

Second Offense: The organization may receive community service hours not to exceed ten (10) hours per member based on the organization roster at the time of the violation and/or placed on social probation which does not allow the organization to sponsor formal parties for one semester.

Third Offense: (or second conviction during probation period): The organization may receive an indefinite suspension of privileges; a recommendation from the Student Services Committee and a majority vote of the faculty will be required for the organization to be reinstated.

Campus Organizations and Groups: General Regulations

Forming a New Organization

In order to start a new student organization on the Centenary College campus, the organization shall have no less than five members. Also, the organization must meet at least once per semester during a single academic year. If an organization falls below five members, the organization will be considered to be on probationary status until such time as the membership rises to at least six members.

There are two components to being an organization on the Centenary campus, registration and recognition.


A group wishing to form a new organization should first complete a student organization registration form (from the Office of Student Life), and present a copy of the organization’s constitution, a list of officers (or in the case of honor societies, you must provide a list of members), a petition signed by at least 25 students who approve of starting the organization, and the name of a faculty/staff advisor. The Office of Student Life, upon review, shall send copies of the registration form, constitution, and list of officers to the Student Government Association (SGA). If the registration of an organization is not forwarded to the SGA, the petitioning organization may appeal to the Student Services committee of the college.

Existing organizations must present a list of officers, current members, and a faculty/staff advisor, each semester in order to ensure that SGA, the Office of Student Life, and other pertinent departments on campus are aware of changes in membership and officers.


Once the SGA receives the required documentation from the Office of Student Life, then the senate can formally hear the request from the organization to be recognized, at any regularly scheduled senate meeting. The forming organization shall make an in person presentation as to the purpose of the organization and why it should be recognized on the campus. The senate shall vote to recognize or deny the recognition of the organization in resolution form and shall present a copy of the resolution to the new organization and the Office of Student Life. Once recognized, the Office of Student Life will inform the Student Services committee, as well as the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees, as to the recognition of the new organization.


Active membership shall be limited to part-time and full-time students enrolled at Centenary College.


The president of each organization is responsible for submitting a roster to the Office of Student Life and the Student Government Association each semester. Each president must also provide an annual listing of the officers immediately after their elections. Also, the president must inform the Office of Student Life and SGA any time there is a change in their roster. Failure to submit a change in the roster or to provide a new list of officers after a period of one semester will result in the Office of Student Life placing the organization on one semester of probation. After a period of two semesters, without updated information, the delinquent organization shall be suspended and must then go through the recognition process as a new organization. While placed on probation or serving a suspension, the Office of Student Life will preclude the organization from reserving facilities until a change in roster and a new list of officers is presented to the Office of Student Life.


Each officially recognized student organization has a Centenary website. Initial setup of the web site must be requested in writing or email format from the Office of Student Involvement. The request must contain contact information for the proposed student administrator(s). Any websites not initially set up by the Office of Student Life will not be linked from the Centenary website.

The content of all web pages must be consistent with Centenary College policies, including but not limited to the Computer Use Policy, and comply with local, state, and federal laws. Pages found to be inconsistent with such policies and/or laws by the Office of Student Life will be disconnected from the College’s website, and the student administrator’s rights will be revoked.

Websites must comply with intellectual property laws, and cannot contain any copyrighted or trademarked material without permission, except as permitted by law. Photographs, drawings, video clips, or sound clips may not be used on a page without permission of the individual(s) represented as well as the individual(s) who created them and who own the rights.


Contracts and assumptions of financial obligations must be approved by a faculty representative who has been approved by the administration when institutional funds are being dispersed.

Fund Raising Projects

Any fund raising project held on campus by a student organization must be approved by the Dean of Student Life, Vice-President of Finance and Administration and Vice- President for Development.

Each organization may select whatever site desired for social functions with the following provisions:

  • The sponsoring organization — not Centenary College — is totally responsible for all activities held off campus.
  • The host organization is responsible for, and liable for, the conduct or happenings at off-campus events. Liability is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring organization.


Non-student guests may be invited by permission of the sponsoring organization. The organization assumes responsibility for the conduct of all guests.