The Centenary Vision

Since its founding in 1825, Centenary College has been committed to preservation of academic rigor, high standards of personal conduct, and an integrated development of the mind, body, and spirit of its students. Consistent with its affiliation with the United Methodist Church and recognition of the importance of supporting the development of spiritual values in its students, the College will continue to encourage a life-long dedication not only to learning but also to serving others.

As we begin the 21st century, the institution will continue to enhance its reputation as one of the premier student-centered liberal arts colleges in the nation - one that leaves a positive and permanent mark on the life of every graduate and focuses on the development of cultured, well-rounded individuals who will become responsible as citizens, skillful in the work place, and capable of exercising a high degree of leadership. Our student body will be significantly diverse, comprised of a wide variety of persons from different cultures, geographical areas, and age groups. Under the guidance and mentorship of gifted faculty and staff, students will excel in high-quality programs in the liberal arts and professional studies, and they will emerge on a campus characterized by rich opportunities for interaction with outstanding scholars, artists, and leaders. Increasing numbers of students will enroll in graduate and professional programs after completion of their undergraduate studies and develop as leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Building on current strengths, the college will increase its standing in national publications as one of the nationís finest small colleges, elevate its position within the ranks of the top 200 math/science programs in the U.S., and enhance its status as a regional center for the performing and visual arts. The primary focus of programs will be on undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, but the college will continue to offer a limited number of graduate programs that reflect the special needs of the regionís population and the economy. All programs will be taught by faculty who are not only recruited for their strong academic credentials but also for their demonstrated skills as teachers, their commitment to scholarship, and their recognition of the centrality of the involvement of students - hands-on - in their own learning.

In addition to the importance of the College as a place that nurtures and sustains highquality teaching and learning, together with the development of character, we recognize the significance of Centenary College as a good place to be. As such, the college will continue to develop both activities that are educational in nature and those that are simply fun. Already known for the beauty of its setting, the institution will also continue to develop and enhance the physical plant and campus grounds, both in support of the high quality of life to which we are committed and as a visual statement - one that reflects the excellence of what takes place every day at Centenary College.

To realize this vision, Centenary will focus its efforts over the next three to five years in four areas: increase academic quality, enhance student life, support technology, and develop superior financial management, development, and external relations resources on behalf of the College.