Administrative Withdrawal Policy

Date Adopted: Passed Student Services (4/11/2008); Passed Administrative Council (5/2/2008); Passed Board of Trustees (5/9/2008)

Reference Standard: Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (1999)

Standards of Conduct form the basis for behavior in the academic community; the enforcement of such standards must protect the rights, health, and safety of members of that community in order that they may pursue their educational goals without undue interference.

Policy Statement

Centenary College may execute an administrative withdrawal when a student engages in behavior that poses a danger of causing harm to self or others, or disrupts the learning environment.

Reason for Policy

Centenary College is concerned about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of its students. The College believes that all students have a responsibility for self-welfare, self-guardianship, and self-care. In addition, students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that is not violent or disruptive. When, in the judgment of the College, a student's behavior constitutes a disruption or danger to the living/learning environment which the college seeks to create, or presents a threat to the health or safety of the student or others, the College will intervene. This policy addresses students whose behavior is disruptive or dangerous to self or others, or which disrupts the learning environment of others.


Danger to self or others and destructive behavior is here defined to include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Suicide attempts, or statement of suicidal intent
  2. Self mutilation or injury
  3. Assault or threatened assault of students, faculty, or staff
  4. Excessive use of alcohol
  5. Misuse or excessive use of prescribed medications
  6. Criminal activity

Such dangerous and disruptive behavior may be in the form of a single behavioral incident or somewhat less severe but persistent dangerousness or disruption over a more extended period.

Procedure for Dealing with Disruptive or Dangerous Behavior

When a student's behavior is perceived to be dangerous or disruptive, to themselves or other members of the campus community, the matter shall be referred to the Dean of Students. In the event that the Dean of Students determines that the student's behavior is a potential danger or disruption to self or others, the following procedure will be initiated:

  1. The Dean of Students, or in his/her absence, the Assistant Dean of Students (hereafter referred to as "designee"), will notify the student that an administrative withdrawal is under consideration. The College may, in its sole discretion, execute an immediate administrative withdrawal leave should circumstances warrant.

  2. The Student Resource Center or faculty advisor will discuss with the student the implications of and procedures relating to an administrative withdrawal. A copy of this policy will be provided to the student. Whenever possible and appropriate, the Student Resource Center or faculty advisor will encourage the student to voluntarily withdraw, thereby eliminating the need to complete the process for an administrative withdrawal.

  3. When an administrative withdrawal is being considered, the Dean of Students will convene a committee made up of representatives from at least two of the following departments: Public Safety, Residence Life, Health Services, Counseling Services, Human Resources, or Athletics. The third member of the committee must be either the faculty advisor or a representative from the Student Resources Center. This committee will review the situation and make a recommendation.

  4. During this review, the committee will consider the criteria for executing an administrative withdrawal, specifically whether the student engages in, or is judged to be likely to engage in, behavior that poses a danger of causing harm to self or others, or disrupts the learning environment. Whenever appropriate, the student will be permitted to provide additional information regarding the situation.

  5. Following this review, the Dean of Students and the Provost or their designees will make a final decision regarding the administrative withdrawal, and must provide written notice of this decision to the student. (A return receipt must be requested.)

  6. A copy of the final decision regarding the administrative withdrawal and a copy of the written notice to the student of this decision will be immediately delivered to the President of the college.

If an Administrative Withdrawal is Not Executed

The committee may impose other conditions and/or requirements under which the student is allowed to remain at the college.

If an Administrative Withdrawal is Executed

The Dean of Students or a designee will inform the student, along with notice of the decision, as to the steps that must be taken if the student is allowed to and wishes to re-enroll (See request for re-enrollment). The duration of leave will be determined by the Dean of Students and the Provost. The student must leave campus within the time frame set forth within the notification letter. The student must obtain permission in writing from the Dean of Students or designee to visit the campus during the duration of the leave. The Dean of Students or designee reserves the right to notify a parent, guardian or other person if notification is deemed appropriate. In addition, the parent, guardian or other person may be asked to make arrangements for the safe removal of the student from the College environment.

The refund policy, as outlined in the College Catalogue, would be applicable when an Administrative Withdrawal is executed.


The student may appeal the final decision by delivering a written request for an appeal to the President of Centenary College. Such request must be received by the President's office within ten days of the date of receipt of the decision of the Dean of Students and the Provost. The student may request a meeting with President; however, it is at the President's sole discretion as to whether or not to meet with the student.

Request for Re-enrollment

A formal request for re-enrollment must be submitted to the Office of Admissions. The student's re-enrollment request will be reviewed by the Dean of Students and the committee that recommended the administrative withdrawal. This group must approve the re-enrollment. The Dean of Students reserves the right to require clearance by a health professional before the student is allowed to be considered for re-enrollment.