Health and Exercise Science

The Department of Health and Exercise Science offers courses that expose students to the scientific basics of human movement with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving and hands-on learning experiences. Our classes involve the study of structural, functional, and behavioral phenomena related to exercise in sport, clinical, and community settings.

The educational experiences we offer are diverse and include knowledge related to anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, exercise physiology, motor learning, exercise prescription, sport psychology, physical fitness and wellness, human sexuality, and nutrition. Of course, many of these topics are key for students in Pre-medicine and the Allied Health programs.


Shelley Armstrong

email | 869-5277
Broyles Inagural Chair; Assistant Professor of Health & Exercise Science
B.S., Centenary College, 2000. M.A.T., Centenary College, 2003. Ph.D., Texas Woman's University, 2007.

Shelley Marie

Lecturer in Health & Exercise Science
B.S., Nicholls State University, 2001. M.S., Louisiana Tech University, 2003.

Daniel Henderson:

email | 869-5080
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
B.S., Wheaton College, 1980. M.S., Indiana University, 1988. Ph.D., Indiana University, 1995.

Margaret Jordan

email | 869-5277
Lecturer in Health & Exercise Science
B.S., Southern Arkansas, 1974.

Andrew Shaw

email | 227-7575
Lecturer in Exercise Science
B.S.W., Temple University, 1972.

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