History Department

Faculty of the History Department: Drs. Shepherd & Fulwider

The courses offered by the Department of History are designed to make an essential contribution to a liberal education by providing the general student with a comprehensive and integrated knowledge of human history; to provide the training necessary for more advanced study in history; and to provide the practical knowledge of historical and political developments which is an essential part of the preparation of those students expecting to enter the professions of law, government service, politics, education, and business.

Reasons to Major in History


Sam Shepherd
Professor of History
B.A., University of Delaware, 1970; M.A., 1972; Ph.D., 1980, University of Wisconsin.

Chad Fulwider email
Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D., Emory University, 2008. M.A., Florida International University, 2000. B.A., East Tennessee State University, 1998.

John W. Bailey email
Lecturer in History
B.A., Idaho State University; M.A., University of Oregon.