Annual Leave Donation

Effective Date: October 10, 2005
Revised Date: June 1, 2009


Allows for employees to donate accrued annual leave to fellow employees who have experienced a catastrophic illness or injury to self or an immediate family member, or death of an immediate family member.


Eligibility to Receive Annual Leave Donation

To be eligible, an employee:

1. Must be a regular fulltime or part time employee in good standing;

2. Must be eligible to earn annual leave;

3. Must have exhausted all forms of paid leave (i.e., annual, sick);

4. Must have passed their first ninety (90) days of employment;

5. The employee or immediate family suffers from a serious medical hardship or catastrophic illness or injury which requires inpatient, hospice or residential health care;

6. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, parent or child, spouse of a child, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, and other immediate in-laws. Requests for family members other than those identified will be reviewed on a case by case matter.

Employees are ineligible to apply for this benefit or continue use this benefit if they are receiving, or have applied to receive, workers' compensation benefits, or have been medically released by their treating physician to return to work.

Employees are ineligible to use this benefit during any disciplinary suspension periods.

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for coordinating donations, reviewing applications and authorizing eligibility. In determining eligibility, the Department of Human Resources shall review the recipient employee's application and verify the exhaustion of all paid leave. Medical information may be requested for review.

The final determination of eligibility and distribution of donated leave will be approved by the Vice President of Finance and Administration, and shall not be subject to the College’s grievance procedure.


Donations are limited to annual leave time only (sick time is excluded).

Annual leave time can be donated in increments of hours, and will be deducted from the donor’s accrued leave balance as needed. Donated time will be taken on a first come basis from the balance of the donor’s accrued balance. Annual leave donated, but not used will not be deducted from the donor’s accrued balance.

Solicitation for Donated Annual Leave

Solicitations for donated annual leave will be conducted by the Department of Human Resources, on a case by case situation. Individual departments will not make such solicitations.


Application for Annual Leave Donation

1. The request for the donation of annual leave time must be requested by the recipient employee. The employee must complete an Annual Leave Donation Request Form, and submit to the Department of Human Resources for approval.

2. Department of Human Resources will verify the exhaustion of all paid leave, and review the application and any medical information that may be requested from the applicant.

Requested medical information will be the employee’s responsibility; and will be treated in a confidential manner.

3. Human Resources then verifies the information and either approves or denies the application.

4. If the application by the recipient employee is approved, then donating employees complete the Annual Leave Donation Form, and submit it to the Department of Human Resources. The total of donated annual leave will be deducted from the donor’s earned balance of annual leave, and added to the leave balance of the recipient employee.

5. The Department of Human Resources will notify the recipient employee and the employee’s immediate supervisor of the increased annual leave allowance.

6. The staff member must meet with a representative of the Department of Human Resources before returning to work.

Last updated June 1, 2009