Leave of Absence Without Pay

Effective Date: 06/01/95


To provide time off to regular College employees due to such reasons as illness or injury of an employee who has insufficient sick and annual leave accumulated and/or other personal reasons.


A leave of absence without pay for a regular College employee may be granted for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Each leave of absence must be approved in advance by the unit head, Finance & Administration Office and the Vice President for Finance & Administration.

If the employee's job is so unique that the position cannot be filled temporarily, a leave of absence should be discouraged; however, upon expiration of the leave of absence every effort should be made to place the returning employee in the same or similar position held at the beginning of the leave.

An employee on a leave of absence without pay is not eligible for any compensation or the accumulation of any fringe benefits.

Employees returning from a leave of absence because of illness or injury must furnish a doctor's statement permitting them to return to full duty.

Last updated 20 July 2000