Service Award Pins

Effective Date: 6/1/99

Revised: 1/1/05


To award continuous full time years of service, to faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff employees, with a pin beginning with 10 years and continuing at five-year increments through 25 years.


Service award pins are awarded to full time faculty, exempt and non-exempt employees based on continuous service. Significant years of service are recognized at the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th year. Service award pins are awarded on an annual basis during the Founderís Day faculty and staff activities in the spring semester. The threshold date to determine years of service is December 31.

Example: Jane is hired September 1, 1994. Her tenth year of service will be September 1, 2004. Her years of continuous service will be recognized during the Founderís Day activities in February 2005.

Special Service awards for anniversaries after the 25th year will be at the discretion of the President of the College.

Last updated January 2005