Sick Leave

Effective Date: 06/01/95

Revised: 4/26/01


To provide employees with protection against loss of earnings due to illness and/or injury by the establishment of a program wherein employees shall be compensated for limited absences due to illnesses and/or injury.


Regular exempt and non-exempt staff employees in a pay status and who are scheduled to work 37.5 hours per week shall earn sick leave at the rate of 6.3 hours per month and like employees who are scheduled to work 40 hours per week shall earn sick leave at the rate of 6.7 hours per month. Employees scheduled to work 37 ½ hours weekly, may accumulate 975 hours of sick leave; employees scheduled to work 40 hours weekly, may accumulate 1040 hours of sick leave. However, those employees on the active roll on May 31, 2001 who have accumulated more than 975 or 1040 hours of sick leave may continue the amount accumulated as of that date. Such employees may use the sick leave accumulated in excess of 975 or 1040 hours but once this use causes the accumulated amount to drop to 975 or 1040 hours this amount will become their maximum. Part-time employees shall earn sick leave on a pro-rata basis based on percent of time worked.

When in the opinion of the unit head an employee appears to be abusing the use of sick leave, a physician's statement may be required prior to the receipt of payment for sick leave. A unit head may require an employee to seek medical assistance should the use of sick leave become excessive when the employee has not visited a physician.

Employees who cannot report to work because of illness should contact their supervisors prior to the beginning of their regular shift. Payment for sick leave may be withheld in the event an employee fails to report his/her absence that is due to illness.

No payment for unused sick leave shall be made upon the termination of an employee.

Last updated 3 May 2001