Conflict of Interest

Effective Date: 06/01/95

Revised: 10/1/99


To provide guidelines for the employment of faculty, exempt staff, and staff non-exempt employees outside of Centenary College and other activities that might result in a conflict of interest between and/or among employees and other agencies and the College.


It is the intention of Centenary College to avoid any conflicts of interest between and by members of the faculty and staff employees and outside agencies with the College. To assist in this goal, employees who are engaged in additional employment, whether as an employee or an independent contractor, outside the employ of the College should so indicate in writing to their department head.

Any addition or change in the outside employment status of employees must be submitted in writing to the appropriate head. Prior to engaging in new outside employment, written approval should be given by the department head. Copies of both the request and the department head approval should be forwarded to the Finance & Administration Office for inclusions in the personnel files.

In those few instances where outside employment creates or could create a conflict of interest, the faculty or staff member must decide whether or not to remain in the employ of Centenary College. Likewise, any other potential conflict of interest situation must be addressed individually between the employee and his or her department head in writing, and the same procedure noted above will apply.

From time to time it becomes necessary, due to the significance of the potential conflict of interest, that both the department head and the President must be made aware of and approve an action of a faculty or staff member. For example, actions that could result in potential conflicts with the NCAA, AAUP, etc., must be approved by both the department head and the President.

Last updated 20 July 2000