Construction and Contractor Requirements

Effective Date: 09/01/01


To protect Centenary College employees and students while construction projects are in progress on campus. The enclosed procedures are required of all contractors in addition to the instructions and agreements between the College and the Contractors.


The following list of requirements shall be met by construction companies and contractors and their employees while they are engaged in construction projects on the Centenary College campus:

  1. All employers are prohibited from allowing employees to work on campus who have been convicted of violent crimes (it shall be the responsibility of the company or contractor to determine whether their employees are eligible to work on campus).
  2. Employers shall not knowingly allow person(s) who have outstanding criminal warrants to work on campus.
  3. All companies and contractors who employ work release persons as employees are to furnish the Department of Public Safety with all names of such persons employed under the Work Release Program.
  4. All companies and contractors are to provide the Department of Public Safety and the Director of Facilities Services with the name of the individual in charge of the construction site. A telephone number should also be included.
  5. Construction companies and contractors are required to submit the full names of their employees’ social security numbers and date of birth to the Department of Public Safety, 2911 Centenary Blvd., Shreveport, LA 71134. Periodic updates are expected as employees are terminated and employed. Updated information may be faxed to the Department of Public Safety at (318) 869-5722.
  6. Construction companies and contractors are to park their business and personal vehicles in authorized areas only. The Department of Public Safety will coordinate all parking with the Project Supervisor.
  7. Temporary parking permits are required for ALL personal and business vehicles.
  8. When appropriate, construction sites shall be properly fenced and "No Trespassing" signage shall be displayed.
  9. Construction employees are not permitted to enter college buildings unless it is directly related to their job duties.
  10. While working, construction employees are to obey all laws as well as the rules and regulations of Centenary College when they are on campus.
  11. Students, faculty, and Staff of Centenary College are not to be disturbed or in any way disrupted in their lawful pursuits. Construction employees are to refrain from any unsavory or unwanted comments towards students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus.
  12. Construction companies and contractors shall secure all property and equipment to reduce theft and other crimes of opportunity.