Continuous Service Credit

Effective Date: 3/1/99


To establish a systematic method of computing the length of service for faculty, exempt staff and non-exempt staff employees so as to provide a basis for service awards, leaves of absence and as an aid in reduction and restoration of force.


Each faculty, exempt staff and non-exempt staff employee shall have "continuous service credit" with the College dating from the first date of his/her unbroken regular full-time service. The continuous service credit of an employee shall be broken under the following conditions, and when so broken, such employee shall be, for all purposes, considered a new employee if and when rehired with the exception* stated below:

  1. Discharged for cause.
  2. Voluntary resignation which shall include absence in excess of three (3) consecutive working days without reporting.
  3. Any unauthorized absence after the time limit of an authorized vacation or other approved absence unless satisfactory evidence of inability to report to work is shown.
  4. Failure to report to work after notification of restoration of force.
  5. Failure to report for reinstatement within ninety (90) days following discharge from the military service.


Should a faculty, exempt staff or non-exempt staff employee leave the College in good standing and is subsequently re-employed that employee's continuous service credit shall be adjusted to reflect credit for prior service. (Example: Employee A was originally employed on1-1-70, leaves the College 1-1-80 and is re-employed 1-1-85. By adjusting for prior service the newly established continuous service credit date is 1-1-75.)

Bridged Service:

An employee must be re-employed full time at Centenary College for one full year before they are eligible for bridging of the years of previous full time service. Personnel records will be be checked, and providing the service is verified, approval to change the official service date (bridge the service) will be given by the Vice President for Finance and Administration at the one year anniversary date. Documentation will be sent to the employee, Payroll for input into the computer records, and a record kept in the Personnel files.

The Payroll Office will adjust any changes in vacation eligibility the bridged service may effect. The calculation of Retirement eligibility will use the bridged service date.

Last updated 20 July 2000