Motor Vehicle Drivers

Effective Date: 02/01/96

Revised: 9/1/01


To exercise diligence in the selection of drivers for the College-owned, -leased or personal vehicles for students and employees who are required to drive on College business.


  1. In order for a student or employee of the College to drive a leased or College-owned vehicle on College business, that student or employee must be at least 21 years of age. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the Risk Manager.
  2. Before driving a College-owned or leased vehicle, the student or employee must be on the Approved Driver's List, which is maintained by the Department of Public Safety.
  3. To become approved drivers, students or employees must present a valid, current driver's license and proof of personal automobile insurance to the Department of Public Safety. If they will be driving a vehicle with seating for 15 or more people (bus or van), they must have a valid Class C driver's license (state law). Copies will be made of these documents and kept in the personnel files in the Office of Public Safety for the employees, and risk management files in the Department of Facilities Services for the students.
  4. Authorized drivers must have on file a copy of their Motor Vehicle Record, which shall be obtained from their state of primary residence. In order to obtain this record, the employee or student must obtain and complete a signed Release Form from the Department of Human Resources. Upon completion, employees’ and student's releases will be sent to and maintained by the Office of Public Safety. Both employees and students will forward the releases to the Director of Human Resources so that the applicant’s driving record can be checked in their primary state of residence. Departments are responsible for any charges associated with these requests.
  5. Motor vehicle records will be examined according to the "Driving Standards Motor Vehicle Record Review," provided by Southern Research company. Any combination of the listed violations which totals 7 or more points in the last 36 months will disqualify the applicant as a driver for the College. This means the employee or student will not be covered under the College's automobile insurance policy and will not be allowed to drive College-owned or -leased vehicles on College business.
  6. Students or employees who drive their own vehicles as participants (athletes, coaches, professors, student-presenters) in College-sponsored, -required or -endorsed academic or athletic functions which are held off-campus, such as intramural or NCAA/TAAC sports events, workshops or conferences, must be informed that their insurance is primary. The College's insurance will be in force for excess coverage if the employee or student has received approval from the Risk Manager to drive to such a function in lieu of using transportation provided by the College. If a student or employee chooses to drive without authorization when transportation is provided by the College, excess coverage is not afforded to that individual. Students and employees who drive personal vehicles to sports' events as observers ("fans") are not insured under the College's automobile liability policy.
  7. The Approved Driver's List for students will be updated each Fall and Spring semester, for May Module and for Summer School sessions. The Approved Driver's List for employees will be updated on an as-needed basis. Departments are responsible for keeping the College apprised of any changes to their selection of approved drivers.
  8. Those employees or students who drive College-owned or leased vehicles without being on the Approved Driver's List will assume all costs and penalties associated with any accident or citation received during their operation of said vehicle. Any approved driver who is cited for any vehicle operations' violation (speeding, parking violations, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, seat-belt violations, driving under the influence, etc.) while driving a College-owned or leased vehicle will be responsible for all costs associated with such incidents and will be immediately removed from the Approved Driver's List.
  9. Students or employees who lease vehicles for College-approved trips must come to the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance & Administration to get a copy of the insurance card and a brochure which detail the steps which must be taken in case of an accident.
  10. When an approved driver is involved in an accident, the driver's supervisor / instructor / coach must be notified immediately. An accident form must be filled out and sent to the Risk Manager. It is the driver's responsibility to obtain an accident report, and a copy of that report must be sent along with the accident form to the Risk Manager within 24 hours of the accident. On weekends or after hours, notify Security (5000), which will then notify the appropriate person.
  11. The Risk Manager will file claims for auto-related accidents with the insurance company.
  12. Deductible amounts in auto-related accidents will be charged to the Department's travel account.
  13. Employees and students who are already on the Approved Driver's List are subject to this new policy. Any employee or student currently on the list whose Motor Vehicle Report disqualifies him or her from driving for the College will be removed from the list immediately.

Last updated 16 September 2015