Usage of the Fitness Center

Effective Date: 04/26/2001


The Centenary Fitness Center is designed primarily for use by the campus community. This usage takes precedence over any requests from non-affiliated groups. It is, however, in the interest of the institution to allow some non-affiliated usage of the facilities during periods of low utilization, school holidays or in other cases where it is in the interest of Centenary College. The following practices and procedures will govern this use.


  1. All non-Centenary groups wishing to use the facility must:
    • Submit a written request to the Director of the Fitness Center and the Conference and Facilities Coordinator listing date, time and number of participants.
    • Provide proof of insurance of at least one million dollars that names Centenary as an additional insured.
    • Make the request one-month in advance of the planned activity.
  2. The Director of the Fitness Center in consultation with the Conference and Facilities Coordinator will determine the appropriateness of each request taking into account:
    1. The priority afforded the campus community with regard to its normal hours and use of the Fitness Center.
    2. Whether the activity will interfere with scheduled activities of the campus community.
  3. The Director of the Fitness Center will make a final determination in consultation with the Dean of Student Life and where appropriate the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  4. The Conference and Facilities Coordinator will determine the appropriate fees utilizing:
    1. Prevailing rates and the specific requests.
    2. In addition to the rental fee, the group will be responsible for paying the actual cost for any additional staffing required. Overtime rates may apply as appropriate.
  5. The Director of the Fitness Center will notify those making the request of the final decision and of the charges.
  6. Denied requests may be appealed to the Administrative Council and there is no further appeal.
  7. Any unusual requests will be taken to the Administrative Council to be reviewed for approval or denial.

Last updated 3 May 2001