Leased Vehicles

Effective Date: 09/02/97

Revised: 09/01/01


To maintain an accurate inventory of College-leased vehicles.


In order for an employee of the College to lease a vehicle for College business, that employee must be on the Approved Driverís List in the Business Office.

Authorized drivers must obtain a Lease Vehicle Approval Form from the Administrative Assistant to the Comptroller in the Business Office. Such forms must be completed by the employee and signed by the Treasurer. This form is to be taken to the dealership or agency from which the car is being leased. No dealership or agency will be permitted to lease a car without this form.

After the car is received, the employee should bring a copy of the lease or rental agreement to the Administrative Assistant to the Comptroller in the Business Office. The insurance company will be notified of this addition to the Centenaryís fleet of vehicles. Employees who lease vehicles for the College-approved trips must come to the Administrative Assistant to the Comptroller to get a copy of the insurance card and brochure which detail the steps that must be taken in case of an accident. If an employee chooses to lease a vehicle without authorization, coverage is not afforded for that individual nor is the College responsible for any lease costs.

Those employees who drive College leased vehicles without the proper authorization will assume all costs and penalties associated with any accident or citation received during their operation of said vehicles. The College will not pay any citations incurred by authorized drivers.

The Administrative Assistant to the Comptroller should be notified when the leased vehicle has been returned.

Employees who are already driving a College leased vehicle are subject to this new policy.

Last updated 16 November 2001