Employment of Minors

Effective Date: 06/01/95


To provide guidelines concerning age restrictions and conditions of employment of minors.


No persons under the age of fourteen (14) may be employed by Centenary College.

Minors who are between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18) may be employed under the following conditions:

  1. This employment must not interfere with the minor's health or well-being.
  2. If the minor is enrolled in school, this employment may not be during those hours when the minor is required to attend classes.
  3. The employment must conform to the periods and conditions of employment as specified in the Child Labor Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Minors must not be employed in connection with any of the prohibitive work activities outlined in the Child Labor Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act or appropriate State of Louisiana Labor Law.

The provisions of this policy shall not apply to any minor who:

  1. has graduated from high school or has the equivalent of a high school diploma; or
  2. is or has been lawfully married, or is a parent.

Copies of documents to support these exceptions must be in the minor's personnel file maintained by the Finance & Administration Office.

Before any minor is employed, the College will obtain from the minor a verification of age by requiring the minor to provide the College with an age certification provided by the last school attended.

Last updated 20 July 2000