Probationary Period

Effective Date: 06/01/95

Revised: 10/1/99


To establish a period of time to determine if newly hired regular staff non-exempt employees can perform the duties required in their assigned positions.


All newly hired regular staff non-exempt employees, including those converting from temporary or student status to regular appointments, shall serve one probationary period of ninety (90) calendar days in an active pay status with the College beginning with the first date of regular status. Each regular non-exempt staff employee shall have his/her work performance evaluated during the probationary period. The Finance and Administration Department will furnish the supervisor of the probationary employee a copy of the Probationary Period Performance Appraisal form which is to be completed prior to the completion of the probationary period by the supervisor. This completed form should be returned to the Finance and Administration office for inclusion in the employee's personnel record. During this probationary period, the employee does not have access to the grievance procedure and the employee is subject to discharge without recourse. The employee will accrue both sick time and annual leave as a regular employee but may not be paid for time off until removal from probationary status. If time is taken off as a result of illness or for personal business the probationary employee’s pay will be docked.

Last updated 20 July 2000