Reduction in and Restoration to Employment

Effective Date: 06/01/95


To provide a consistent and equitable method of reducing and recalling to employment the exempt staff and the non-exempt staff work force due to staff adjustments.


When it becomes necessary to reduce the number of employees in the work force consideration should be given to (1) relative employment dates of those affected, (2) reports of job performance and (3) qualifications to perform the remaining work. Notification of a reduction in force shall be given to the affected employees as far in advance of the reduction as possible. The Finance & Administration Office shall make every effort to transfer affected employees to other departments where vacancies exist and/or shall be in contact with area employers to assist in the outplacement of terminating employees.

An employee whose job has been affected by reduction in force shall retain restoration rights to his/her position for a period of one (1) year from the date of reduction. When a restoration of forces occurs employees should be restored taking into consideration the same criteria used to determine the reduction in force.

The Finance & Administration Office will maintain a list of all employees who have been laid off. It is the responsibility of each employee to furnish the Finance & Administration Office with his/her proper mailing address and to keep such address current at all times. An employee shall be recalled to employment by certified letter. If an employee rejects an offer of employment, or refuses a referral at the same classification he/she held at the time of lay-off, he/she loses all rights of restoration.

Last updated 18 July 2000