Hiring Policy and Procedure for Staff

Effective Date: 08/23/2011

Revised: NA


This policy and procedure serves as the basic guideline for all hiring practices. Initial employment, employee compensation, training/development and subsequent promotion opportunities are extended to all qualified individuals.


The College will engage in an open recruitment process for filling new positions and locating replacement personnel. Our recruitment and hiring practices will advance our goal of building a staff committed to the mission of the College.

Job descriptions for newly created staff positions will be developed by the hiring department in collaboration with Human Resources, reviewed for Fair Labor Standards Act compliance (typically exempt vs. non-exempt) and assigned a title prior to submission of the Request for Search form as described below. Staff positions will be announced posted on the College’s employment website prior to external recruiting.

It is essential that the Vice President for Finance and Administration have an opportunity to review position vacancies prior to recruitment. It is his/her responsibility to review classifications and salary ranges to vacant positions to ensure fiscal accountability


To facilitate the recruitment of candidates, the following procedures must be followed. The Hiring Process Checklist should be utilized as these procedures are completed and should accompany all paperwork in the approval process.

1. A "Request for Search" form will be completed and submitted to Human Resources. All necessary authorizations will be secured by the hiring department prior to submitting the form to Human Resources for posting and prior to the search.

2. A written notice (posting) of the position will be posted on the Human Resources web site for a minimum of three (3) days.

3 Any posting on the website or in outside publications will include appropriate diversity and equal hiring opportunity language.

4. Appropriate outside advertising, if necessary, will be coordinated by the hiring department and the Human Resources Department for staff positions, and by the hiring departments and the Provost’s Administrative Assistant for faculty positions.

5. The hiring department will conduct phone and campus interviews.

6. Reference and background checks will be conducted on final candidates whom are
being considered for a position with the College prior to verbal offers of employment. Once a determination of final candidate(s) is made (typically no more than 2-3 candidates), the hiring department will have said candidate complete a Release of Information Form. The hiring department will submit the completed Release of Information Form to Human Resources for the background to be processed. Human Resources will communicate to the hiring department a candidate’s eligibility for hire.

Once the hiring department is notified of a candidate’s eligibility for hire, they can begin to negotiate an acceptable salary with the candidate.

NOTE: It is the policy of the College to conduct a background check before making an offer of employment. This will be limited to checking criminal convictions, felony charges, state and national sex offender lists, and terrorist watch lists. In the event a particular position involves routine access to large sums of money, a credit check will also be required. The background check and reviewed by only the person(s) designated at the College. The designee will share this information with the hiring supervisor only when it is relevant to the job performance. All candidates will be informed of their right to review the check for accuracy. If the background check uncovers information that is potentially disqualifying, the candidate will be informed and given the opportunity to respond. Results of this check will remain confidential unless essential for the College’s legal defense in a lawsuit involving the candidate.

7. Once a salary has been negotiated with the candidate, the hiring supervisor will complete an "Employee Action Form" (see Hiring Process Checklist) to authorize the final salary offer and hire approval. Once the Employee Action Form has all required signatures for approval, then the hiring department can determine a start date with the candidate which may not be prior to the date of the last signature on the Employee Action Form. This form will also be used to place the new employee on the payroll system. All necessary authorizations will be secured by the hiring department prior to submitting the form to Human Resources for final processing.

New hires cannot begin work and cannot be processed for payroll and benefits prior to a completed and approved Employee Action Form being submitted to Human Resources for final processing. No offer of employment is official until this step in the process is complete.

8. Once the Employee Action Form is complete and on file in the Human Resources Department, the Director of Human Resources will generate a letter of employment for written confirmation of the terms of employment.

9. The hiring department will coordinate an appointment with the Director of Human Resources, in advance of the new employee’s hire date, for the new employee orientation process to be conducted with the Director of Human Resources.

10. Rejected candidates will be promptly contacted by the hiring department.

Hiring Process Checklist
Request for Search Form
Release of Personal Information