Intercultural Photo Contest

The International Photo Contest gives Centenary students an artistic venue to showcase their study abroad or module experience. All photo entries must go beyond a typical tourist photo, ideally displaying a sense of cultural sensitivity. This perspective of the photo should be an eye of understanding or exploration, broadening a sense of the cross-cultural experience.

2011 Intercultural Entries

2011 Intercultural Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Emily McManus, Barda, Azerbaijan
2nd Place Aurora Owen, Rainbow Beach, Australia
Tied for 3rd Place Emily Willet, Dharamsala, India
Tied for 3rd Place Michelle Gaubert, Venice, Italy

Submission Procedure

Email photo to email. Submit the photo as an email attachment. Put the photo’s title in the subject line. In the submission email, include the following:

  • Photographer’s full name, Class year and expected graduation date, Major, Hometown/state/country,
  • Place and date that the photograph was taken,
  • Brief description of photograph

See the Intercultural Photo Contest Guidelines for more information.

2009 Intercultural Photo Contest Entries

2009 Intercultural Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Aleksandra Kasztalska, Paris, France
2nd Place Andrew Buller, Dharamsala, India
3rd Place Elinora Madrid, Paris, France